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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 18, the task force discovers that the collaborators are going to incite a riot in one of five cities to further their agenda. The collaborators want to show that the country, under President Haas' leadership, is violent and divided.

Clay worries that there isn't a point to the task force because the collaborators have them outmatched. He goes to President Haas to share his concerns, where he is reunited with Caleb, who is willing to take over the task force.

Meanwhile, the task force realizes that the city that the collaborators are targeting is Cleveland. The murder trial that's underway has a direct tie into police that President Haas supported when she was vice president. 

Shelby, Alex, and "Nimah" show up to Cleveland as FBI agents answering the all agents call, but the agent in charge doesn't buy their story. Miranda knows better, and she's also the one to out Raina out. That's right, Raina didn't tell the task force that she and Nimah switched.

Sebastian breaks into the bunker, and after being bested by Owen, Sebastian tells Owen and Ryan that he's been investigating the collaborators too. He gives them the names of more collaborators, and makes a promise to share information if Owen and Ryan let him go. Now, the task force has identified all the collaborators.

Alex, Shelby, and Raina realize that the judge was bribed by the collaborators, and the judge was supposed to ensure that the jury delivers a guilty verdict. The problem is that our favorite FBI agents found out too late. The jury had already come to a verdict - guilty.

Thankfully, Clay found out what Roarke was planning. Roarke was going to give a speech on the front of the court house steps, and the speech would have caused the people to rally behind him, not President Haas.

It's a good thing President Haas shows up to introduce Roarke. She gives one hell of a speech, taking responsibility for her part in the guilty verdict, and she earns the respect of the people.

Ryan is still handling his Sasha problem, poorly. Sasha hands him a bugged key, and she overhears a conversation between Owen and Ryan where Owen names the collaborators. She immediately starts researching.

Later, Ryan goes to confront her, and Sasha tells him that she has discovered something huge that will help him and his team. Sasha says taht she will tell him everything in 30 minutes. She gets in her car, and it goes up in flames.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Clay: There is a point in a chess match where the game is lost, and the loser doesn't know it. We are there. We are going to lose this game.
Shelby: This isn't a game.
Clay: Everything is a game to someone.

Alex: If you were a Navy Seal, I'd be shooting rubber bullets at you.
Owen: What does that teach you?
Alex: How to duck.