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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 19, Clay realizes that the collaborators are aware of the task force, and the collaborators are gearing up for a war. The task force decides that they need to stop going after the collaborators individually, they need to hit them all at once.

The only way to get all the collaborators in one room is if the president invites them. Lucky for President Haas, her son is engaged, and he hasn't had an engagement party yet. Maxine agrees to use their engagement party to spy on people, and she actually enjoys the spycraft.

The plan is to turn one collaborator against all the others. Everyone divides and conquers, and for most people, it doesn't go well. Felix realizes that Nimah and Raina have switched places. Some collaborators do not even show up, and others try to sweet talk task force members.

Ryan, thankfully, gets the job done. He gets Alice Winter to turn, and she will bring two collaborators. Alex thinks it is a trap, but everyone else thinks it is the right course of action.

Meanwhile, Caleb continues to warn Shelby about her relationship with Clay. It isn't until Maxine rejects Clay's spur of the moment wedding, and calls him out on the real reason he wanted it, that Clay realizes that he has feelings for Shelby. Clay asks her to make him hate her again, and she does with some help from Caleb. Shelby and Caleb act like they have slept together gotten back together, and it does the trick.

Unfortunately for Ryan, Alex was right. Alice Winter played him. A reporter met Ryan instead of Alice. Then, it's all over the news that President Haas has a secret task force operating on American soil, which is grounds for impeachment. To make matters worse, all of the task force's research on the collaborators is gone.

And it's all thanks to Owen and Alex. Owen decides that the best way to take down the collaborators is to send someone undercover, and seeing how Maxwell Fletcher offered Alex a seat at the collaborator's table, Alex is the woman for the job.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

You know what's a really great way to stay away from someone? By spending the entire night with them alone.


Hello? Is anybody that I went to Quantico with but now works on a top secret task force attempting to stop a vast conspiracy to overthrow my mom home or are you out fighting."