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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 22, Alex and company are pretending to work for President Roarke to find the agents for the new intelligence agency, DISA. It's not going well.

Don't worry though, the task force is still going strong. They take over the Gold Leaf at night and use it as their base of operations. The plan is to blackmail the delegates of the swing states to vote "no," ensuring that Roarke's vote to amend the constitution would fail.

Not so surprisingly, Roarke has been aware of this secret base the entire time, and he has been listening in. Surprise! Thankfully, Clay has a plan.

The collaborators were using Peter Theo's technology to spy on the task force, and if Peter can spy on them, why wouldn't he spy on Roarke? By taking Theo's intelligence, the task force can bury Roarke, but they quickly learn that they can't be the ones to do it.

This is where the Russians, and Felix, come in. The task force gives the Russians all the secrets Theo had on Roarke in exchange for changing the word of one of the proposed amendments.

What the Russians don't know is that the task force is aware that they are working with Roarke. When Roarke brings up the proposed amendment, Alex hijacks the convention with a live broadcast. Video and audio of Roarke's phone call with the Russians is played, and Will and Iris leak all of Roarke's secrets to law firms and organizations like the ACLU.

Roarke is done, but so is Alex. She commits numerous felonies by leaking classified information, but she has a plan for this. Miranda shoots her. With Ryan playing the part of the concerned boyfriend, the world thinks that Alex died. 

You didn't fall for that did you? Nope, Alex is alive and well, but she has to let the world think she is dead. She flees the country, and Ryan joins her.

Upon facing the very likely possibility that he would be impeached and imprisoned, Roarke commits suicide. The task force goes back to their normal lives, with a few changes.

Owen is now the Deputy Director of the CIA, and he tells Nimah and Raina that he might need their help. Shelby is taking over teaching at Quantico, and Clay and Maxine are engaged.

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