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On Quantico Season 3 Episode 1, Alex is living her life in Italy. She's got a guy she adores, and she has a best friend in his daughter, Isabella. Everything is going well until armed men show up, determined to kidnap Alex. 

Even in Italy living a new, normal life, Alex is still Alex Parrish, and she takes out the armed men and dashes off to Switzerland where she can access her safety deposit box filled with cash and passports. Once there, surprise surprise, she bumps into Ryan who has been waiting for her.

Ryan tells her that Shelby, his wife, has been kidnaped by an arm's dealer known as The Widow. Alex and Ryan have to turn over the Conscience Code to save Shelby's life. Ryan thought the code was in the safety deposit box, but Alex reveals she destroyed it, but not before she memorized it.

Alex and Ryan return to NYC and seek the help of Owen, who is now FBI. Owen agrees to help, and he recruits Jocelyn Turner, who is currently an instructor at Quantico. She was undercover in The Widow's operation for 18 months. Ryan reaches out to Harry to see if he can assist as well.

The Widow (with the help of Will) sends Ryan a video of Shelby being tortured as motivation to give her the code. Using the video, our new team is able to start to narrow down where Shelby is being held. Will reaches out to Owen, claiming he made a mistake and can help them find Shelby, but it's a trap.

Alex is taken and reunited with her best friend. Luckily, Ryan and the calvary are able to locate them soon, and all is well.

The President grants Alex a pardon and hopes that she will be a member of the elite black ops group that Owen is heading up. The group is made up of Ryan, Shelby, Jocelyn, Harry, Owen, and Alex, if she decides to stay. Initially, Alex says no and heads back to Italy, but she ends up returning and joining the team.

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Quantico Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Alex: So you married Shelby.
Ryan: I married the woman I love.

Alex: When were you going to tell me about the ring?
Ryan: What ring?
Alex: The ring you clearly took off before seeing me.