Quantico Season 3 Episode 1 Review: The Conscience Code

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And just like that, we're back.

On Quantico Season 3 Episode 1, Alex gave up had a pretty great life in Italy once danger came back into her life.

This was a very strange premiere. It didn't feel like a brand new season of a show that was re-inventing itself (again). 

A New Team - Quantico

We're thrown into a new mission. Weirdly, no catastrophic event forced Alex back into her old life; there's not even a threat of one.

Rescuing Shelby is a big enough reason for Alex to come back, but it's noteworthy that unlike the previous two seasons, there's no terrorist attack in play on the premiere.

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Also, thankfully, we're keeping with only one timeline.

Perhaps the reason the premiere feels so un-premiere-like is that there wasn't a devastating attack taking place. There's no bang. We're starting out with a whimper.

Rescuing Shelby felt more like a routine mission; there wasn't anything dramatic nor jaw-dropping about it like there was when Alex woke up surrounded by rubble on Quantico Season 1 Episode 1.

Alex: So you married Shelby.
Ryan: I married the woman I love.

Yes, Ryan was running around super emotional and distraught, but when is he not?

"The Conscience Code" is essentially a preamble to this new black ops team that Owen will be running. We watched the pieces fall into place that led to Alex's pardon and this new team. 

It's not necessarily the most engaging hour of television, but it's not terrible in the way that Quantico Season 2 was. 

Alex: Why does your name sound like a Batman villain, the Widow?
The Widow: You can call me Mitzi. I hate The Window. You know why they call me that? Because my husband died, and I took over the business.

As much as I love Harry (and I really, really do), watching him come around to the mission was beyond boring. That was probably the point, as the reason Harry decided to join the team was because he was a glorified babysitter.

If only it could have been more entertaining to watch him realize that.

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It also wasn't exciting learning that Will was working for The Widow. Didn't we already do this whole "working for the bad guy" thing with Will before? Let's move on.

The one bright spot in his storyline was when he told Shelby how he felt abandoned after the G20. He may have helped them out, but they never returned the favor. 

I guess if you're not in Alex's inner circle, then it sucks to be you.

Will: This is not what I signed up for.
The Widow: You didn't read the brochure?

Okay, let's discuss the Ryan and Alex weirdness. Those two really can never get away from whatever they had, can they?

If only we could entirely move on from Ryan and Alex's romance and allow them to pursue other people without their "love" looming over them.

It doesn't seem like that will ever be the case, as evident by the Widow asking Ryan to pick between the woman he loved and the woman he married.

Ryan and Shelby being married is weird; no it's beyond weird. It came out of left field.

Alex: I needed a clean slate.
Ryan: I thought that was what we were doing.
Alex: You're a lot of things, but a clean slate is not one of them. Besides, Shelby is everything to you that I could never be.

Quantico has made it quite clear that Shelby's story always needs to be tied to a man (usually a Haas), but why pair up Shelby and Ryan?

It's been a while since I saw Quantico Season 1 and 2, but I don't recall them ever being flirtatious, cozy, or shippable. Am I wrong?

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Quantico is going to have to work hard on selling Shelby and Ryan as a happily married couple because right now there's this suspicion that maybe something else is going on here. It's Quantico, so anything is possible.

Hopefully, the rest of the season doesn't showcase Alex as being jealous of Shelby and Ryan's marriage or pining after Ryan.

Alex: I was glad to hear about you and Ryan.
Shelby: No you weren't.
Alex: Shelby, that's not true. He really loves you.
Shelby: I know he loves me. You don't need to tell me that. Sorry, I just never thought I'd see you again. We're happy. We were happy until now. I don't mean you, I mean this.
Alex: Maybe you mean both. How did it happen, the two of you?
Shelby: It wasn't while you were still together.
Alex: I didn't think it was.
Shelby: But you were wondering.
Alex: No I wasn't, Shelby, honestly.

We saw Alex and Shelby bickering over whether or not Alex is truly happy for Shelby and Ryan. This better be the only instance of that.

The last thing we need is for there to be a weird love triangle with Alex, Ryan, and Shelby. It would only yield unnecessary drama, and we've all been over Alex and Ryan since Quantico Season 1, right?

Admittedly, the new title sequence has me worried that Alex and Ryan won't be able to quit each other, no matter how much we all want it to happen.

Reunited - Quantico Season 3 Episode 1

Other observations:

  • It's too soon to tell if Owen leading this team will be a good or bad thing. Quantico Season 2 left a terrible taste in my mouth.
  • Jocelyn is absolutely amazing. Anyone that can call Ryan out on his shit is a winner in my book.
  • The Widow was a pretty entertaining villain. It's almost a shame to see her go.
  • Figuring out Shelby's location from the screenshots of the video was a fantastic scene that showcased everyone's skills.

What did you think of the episode? Did it convince you to give Quantico another shot? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Conscience Code Review

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Quantico Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Alex: So you married Shelby.
Ryan: I married the woman I love.

Alex: When were you going to tell me about the ring?
Ryan: What ring?
Alex: The ring you clearly took off before seeing me.