Back To 1898 - Quantum Leap
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Ben is confronted by an angry granddaughter, Valentina, accusing him of being selfish and cold and refusing to go with him to San Francisco.

Ben tries to get her to provide some context but she storms out. He follows her and finds himself on a dirt road of a Western frontier town.

Addison and Magic discuss Ben’s returning memories. He gives her the go-ahead to prompt Ben to remember more.

Ian and Ziggy locate Ben in 1879, town of Salvation.

In Salvation, a representative of the Southwest Pacific Railroad Company addresses the town, reminding them the deadline to accept payment for their land is approaching.

The sheriff speaks on behalf of the town, rejecting the Railroad’s offer. The goon shoots him.

Valentina jumps up and tells the town their salvation has arrived in the person of her grandfather, Diego de la Cruz, Ben’s leapee.

Addison arrives after the goons leave and Valentina goes to get something for him.

In the debrief, Ben asks if he hates guns. Addison confirms that he’s a pacifist. Historically, Diego and Valentina skip town and avoid the showdown with McDonough.

Ziggy’s records for 1879 are spotty so Addison leaves to find some information.

Ben finds Valentina in the saloon. He asks why Salvation residents are determined to stay despite the gold vein drying up.

The saloon owner, Frankie, explains that Salvation was built by outsiders for outsiders. She states that a black woman like herself would never get a bank loan anywhere else whereas, in Salvation, she is a successful business owner.

Frankie brings out Diego’s dueling pistols. His wife sent them to their son before she died and before their son died. His son left them in Frankie’s safekeeping.

Ben says they have to find a non-violent way of solving this. He has an idea he takes to the sheriff’s deputies.

Addison’s talking to Ian when Jenn arrives to warn them Congresswoman Adani has just shown up to check in on the project.

Magic meets with Adani and tries to deflect her interest.

She insists on him arranging time for her to talk to each team member individually.

Addison meets up with Ben again and tells him his mission is to save Salvation because once he and Valentina leave, McDonough runs everyone else out and erases the town.

She suggests that the sheriff’s deputies arrest McDonough and collect the reward money on his head to pay off the railroad. Just then, the deputies ride by and it turns out they’ve quit their jobs.

McDonough’s paid them off to leave. He asks Diego what his price is.

Ben tells him he won’t let his posse hurt the people of Salvation. McDonough warns him that he should leave while he can.

Ben can’t believe he has to duel McDonough in order to leap. He and Addison have always disagreed on there always being a non-violent solution for every situation.

Ben agrees to try to learn to shoot if Addison tells him about their first date.

When he tries to shoot, he’s terrible. Addison is recalled to HQ and Henry, the last remaining deputy comes out to try to help. He’s a good shot.

Addison is called in to speak with the Adani. She keeps things curt.

Ben and Henry work on his shot but Ben is opposed to the activity and can’t commit to it.

Henry shares his story and comments that Salvation really was his salvation. This inspires Ben to give shooting another try. This time, the bullet ricochets and grazes his arm.

A young Chinese man takes a look at the graze and asks him about the duel. His father brings Ben food. The son tells him his father is deaf from railroad demolition. Ben tries to pay for the soup but the son tells him Valentina is a hero to the town. Everyone would follow her into Hell if she asked.

There’s an explosion. They rush out and see the town trying to put out the fire. McDonough stands nearby, lighting a cigarette.

The blacksmith reports that it was a stick of dynamite that blew up his building. Valentina vows to rebuild and points to Ben/Diego as their way out. Ben tries to advise caution. Valentina calls him a coward and disowns him as family.

Adani questions Jenn, who ties her questions up in red tape, requiring written authorization and clearance before she’ll answer anything about the project.

Ben’s drowning his sorrows with Addison, regretting he can be neither the person Salvation needs nor the man Addison needs.

He goes looking for Valentina and discovers her rooms empty and Diego’s pistols missing.

They go looking for her but McDonough shows up with Valentina bound after she tried to kill him.

Ben convinces him to talk. McDonough proposes the duel. Ben agrees to a showdown at high noon.

The town’s gathered in the saloon when Henry tells them the duel’s been set. Addison points out the skills and resources that the townsfolk have collectively. Ben announces that he can’t win a duel but, together, they can capture McDonough and his gang alive and collect the reward money.

Adani sits down with Ian.

Jenn checks in with Magic and lets him know Adani suspects something. Jenn provides Magic with information that could destroy Adani’s career.

In Salvation, the town prepares for the duel. Ben comments that he loves it when a plan comes together.

Addison expresses concerns and Ben promises her it’ll all work out.

The plan works out and McDonough and his gang are captured without killing any of them.

Adani confronts Magic with her knowledge that Ben has leaped and plans to report it to the oversight committee. Magic uses the information Jenn pulled up – the fact that Adani caused the death of her brother ten years ago when she was behind the wheel when they’d both been drinking and had a car accident – to convince Adani to let the project continue in hopes that they could one day leap into someone who could prevent the accident.

Adani leaves with the understanding in place. Magic tells Jenn and Ian what he implied they could do. Ian points out the tech can’t do what he implied. Magic tells them it was a ploy to buy time and then directs them to use it to bring Ben home.

In Salvation, they’re celebrating but also realizing the railroads will come through again soon. Addison gives Ben some intel on a copper vein a few miles west of the town. He passes that info onto the miners in the town.

Addison and Ben have a talk and are about to try to kiss when a townsperson grabs Ben and calls him by name.

The man tells him he knows everything about Ben and that if he values his life, he better stop following him.

Ben leaps.

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Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I can’t be here to win a gunfight. To jump back in time to kill someone? That feels wrong. Deeply, cosmically wrong.


Josiah: If you’re the savior, these people are already damned.
Diego/Ben: Look, no one here wants any further violence. Maybe there’s some other arrangement we can work out.
Josiah: Only one way out, partner. Either you convince these folks to pick up sticks and get the hell out of Dodge, or there will be blood.