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Ben finds himself in an 80s club. A guy tries to buy him a drink. Ben realizes he’s in a woman’s body. The guy gets handsy and Ben throws a drink in his face to run him off. The guy calls him a stuck-up bitch and leaves. Addison arrives.

Ziggy’s still running slow so Addison doesn’t have any information on Ben’s leapee yet. Ben starts going through his purse and discovers the leapee carries a lot of weapons as well as a set of handcuffs.

Another man approaches. Ben tries to scare him off with the taser but he points out he bought it for her/Ben for Christmas. He asks if she/Ben has seen “him” yet.

Addison gets pinged with information. Ben is Eva Sandoval, a bounty hunter. The man talking to Eva is her partner, Jake.

Ben asks Jake for a picture of their target, Stuart. It’s the first guy who hit on him.

Ben looks around and points out Stuart. Jake predicts he’ll run and he does.

They chase him out to the parking lot. Stuart tries to get passed Ben, thinking the woman will be easier, but Ben punches him out.

In the car, Addison fills Ben in on their next target, Tammy Jean, who was arrested for unpaid parking tickets. The file doesn’t seem to make sense.

Jake mutters that something’s not right and pulls to the side of the road. Looking across the street at the bail bonds office, Eva’s dad’s place, Jake notes that the lights are out and the door’s ajar. He tells Ben/Eva to stay in the car and goes to investigate.

Ben realizes if it’s Eva’s dad’s place, she’d go to look too. He enters the office and finds Ben waiting on bended knee with a ring, proposing.

Ben hesitates and tells Jake s/he needs more time which shocks him. Just then, Eva’s dad comes out with champagne.

Jake storms off. Eva’s dad isn’t sure why she’d say no. Addison lets Ben know that Tammy Jean is last spotted leaving her apartment soon. Ben/Eva asks her dad about Tammy Jean’s file but he’s distracted by the royal wedding on TV and how he promised Eva’s mother he’d see her happy.

Addison finds the file. Ben’s looking at it when Jake comes back in. Jake realizes Eva’s back to work and walks back out.

Ben follows him back to the car and proposes that they do the Tammy Jean job together so they can talk about the proposal.

In present day, Magic and Jenn are tracking Ben. Ian joins them.

Magic asks if Ian’s locked Janis out of the system yet. Ian says they probably won’t be able to but that they’ve contained her sort of.

Ian briefs them on Janis’s actions in the system. The only thing that’s slightly unsettling is she trying to use Ziggy predict the future instead of effects in the past. Janis has been digging through their personnel files. Magic takes Ian for a walk before granting them access to the files.

In 1981, Ben has Addison check if Eva and Jake get married and if they don’t, if they ever marry anyone else. He wants to fix their relationship. He tells Addison that he’s remembered that he has a girlfriend, that he remembered while in Vegas and that he misses her.

Jake gives Ben/Eva the all clear and Ben knocks on Tammy Jean’s door, pretending to be a neighbor. When she opens the door, s/he tells her that she is taking her to the hearing for the parking tickets.

Tammy Jean goes to get her things and comes back with money to pay her bond instead of going to court. Ben/Eva says she can’t do that and Tammy Jean bursts into tears.

She begs Ben/Eva to let her go so she can go to Mexico with her boyfriend where he’s going to propose.

Addison, watching from a window, reports that two guys with guns just showed up.

Jake runs in, barricades the door, and finds an escape route. It involves climbing up a skylight and jumping off the roof into a dumpster.

They get away before the guys with guns break in, but one of their tires is shot in the escape.

Tammy Jean admits the guys are after her because her boyfriend has been selling cocaine in their crime boss’s territory.

Addison jumps out because Ziggy glitching again. On the outside, she tells Jenn about Ben’s memory and recommends they start jogging his memory.

Jenn fills Addison in on everything she’s found out about Ben’s movements over the last six months. Addison realizes that he’s been sneaking around with Janis all that time. Jenn asks for access to Addison’s phone and calendar so they can figure out when Ben was lying about his whereabouts.

Addison believes that Ben did what he did for a good reason.

With Tammy Jean handcuffed to a pipe, Jake gets to changing the tire and continues to ask why Eva won’t agree to marry him.

Tammy gets annoying so Ben moves her further away. Jake demands an answer, but when Addison returns, she draws their attention to the fact Tammy Jean’s escaped.

Jake says good riddance but Addison says Ziggy predicts Ben will be stuck if Tammy Jean doesn’t appear in court.

Ben asks Jake about the club Tammy Jean’s boyfriend, Zack, owns, Carte Blanche. Jake states he hates this job. They head for the club.

Magic and Ian get a coffee. Magic tells Ian the origin of his nickname, a time in Vietnam when Sam Beckett leaped into him and helped him save his platoon and his commander, Lt. Tom Beckett. (This is a reference to Quantum Leap OG S3E2) He dreamed about Sam for years and one day heard his name was in a top secret file. This led him to the Quantum Leap project.

His dream is to bring Sam back as payback for Sam saving his life in Vietnam.

In 1981, Jake and Ben arrive at the club. Jake expects Eva to pick the lock to the club. Addison assures him he can do it.

They sneak in the back. They hear Zack pleading for his life but it’s with Eva whom he refers to as Carla. She shoots him. As Ben and Jake back away, they bump into furniture that alerts Tammy Jean/Carla that they’re there. They run, the goons in pursuit.

Addison reports that Ziggy’s files show the cartel head was suspected to be a woman.

Back at Eva’s father’s office, Jake realizes that Eva doesn’t want to quit being a bounty hunter and move to Illinois with him. He gives up and leaves.

In the office, Ben is sad he wasn’t able to get Eva and Jake together. He flashes back to his memory again and asks Addison if his girlfriend is mad. She covers and says they all want to know why he leaped.

Eva’s dad comes in. Ben tells him Jake won’t be around anymore. He says he still wants to catch Tammy Jean/Carla but doesn’t know where to start. Eva’s dad gives him some advice and directs him to Union Station.

At Union Station, Jake shows up, Eva’s dad having called him and urging him not to give up on Eva. Jake admits he’s scared Eva will get hurt bounty hunting and he was trying to force her into a safer life.

Jake spots Carla’s goons. He says he’ll take care of them while Eva/Ben nabs Carla.

Jake alerts security to the goons’ presence and has them escorted out. Ben’s still looking for Carla when Jake walks up, held up at gunpoint by Carla.

Jake uses coded language to suggest Ben/Eva use the taser on the metal suitcase which causes Carla to drop it and allow Jake to handcuff her.

At Quantum Leap HQ, Ian checks in with Jenn. Ian vows that they will not let Sam’s fate be Bens.

At Union Station, Addison informs Ben that Carla goes away for murder and her cocaine cartel falls apart. When she tries to coax him into asking what happens to Eva and Jake, she triggers his memory of his girlfriend and this time he can see that it is Addison.

He lets her know that he remembers them now. But they still can’t touch and then he leaps.

He lands in an elderly Mexican man living in a Wild West frontier town being berated by his granddaughter.

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Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Thirty seconds in a woman’s body and you’ve already been harassed, assaulted, and insulted. Sounds about right.


I have to admit this feels a little weird. I’m wearing things where I’m not used to wearing things.