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James, Teresa, and Guero, are in Boliva to meet El Santo. Guero’s contact is his ex-girlfriend Leo, who isn’t happy to see Teresa. She says El Santo’s men will meet them soon, but the Bolivia military turns up at the club looking for two men and a Mexican woman. When Teresa tells La Capitana she’s just a tourist there to party, they force her to do multiple lines of cocaine. To stop it before she overdoses, Guero and James give the soldiers their $100,000 finders fee that was supposed to go to Leo. James and Guero fight to save Teresa’s life and get her heart rate back down. Teresa begs James not to kill Guero. 

They track down Leo and she and Teresa have a talk. Teresa tells her that she and her are the same. That Guero left them both. Leo sends them to a dentist office where they will be vetted to meet El Santo. El Dentista only wants to see Teresa. He can tell she’s from Mexico and she’s not with the military or police because of her dental work. He gives them an address to meet El Santo.

The threesome end up at a high end hotel, where James privately calls Camila. She tells him that he should kill Guero once the deal is done, but to keep Teresa out of it. James agrees. 

La Capitana and her soldiers find Teresa, James, and Guero at the hotel. She already has Leo. La Capitana wants to know where she can find El Santo; he is ruining her country and she will kill anyone and everyone to find him. La Capitana shoots and kills Leo before shoving her into the pool. Then she orders her soldiers to take James and Guero away and kill them in two minutes if they do not hear from her. When Teresa, bound to a chair, tells La Capitana to go to hell, she shove her into the pool just as unknown men open fire. Someone dives down to save Teresa before she drowns but we can’t see who it is.

Later Teresa wakes up in a dark prison cell, chained and hanging from the ceiling. 


When Epifanio sends cocaine to Camila’s attorney’s office. She realizes that Boaz betrayed her. She sends Pote to send a message to the Jimenez cartel. He’s close to Boaz’s enforcer, El Puno. Pote tracks him down, kills him. Camila sends El Puno’s severed head to Epifanio, with their divorce papers in his mouth. She calls Epifanio and tells him it is her declaration of independence. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Guero: I see the way he looks at you.
Teresa: He saved my life, okay? That's it.

He loved me, the same way he loved you. Now it's just business, just like you.