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James pays the guards to protect Camila while she’s in jail. Camila wants James and Teresa to work together to keep the business running until she gets out, but James doesn’t think Teresa is ready. Teresa hooks up with a local gang to proved Camila with additional protection while inside. 

When James, Teresa, and Pote meet with King George, they find that his entire shipment from El Santo has been stolen and his men killed. 

James makes a deal with Boaz to get their product back by promising not to try and infringe on the Jimenez territory west of Texas. Camila is unhappy with his deal, but thrilled that Teresa met with Devon to make sure their deal was intact.  

After the guards allow Camila to be attacked, the gang members Teresa recruited step in and save her. Camila once again praises Teresa, but James later tells her that Camila only like her because she’s easy to control. Teresa says that he’s upset because he’s working for Camila while she works with Camila. 

Epifanio finds Isabela passed out from cocaine in the bathroom. When she wakes up he assures her that he’s getting out of the business and will simply be governor. 

Later, Epifanio celebrates the deal to sell off his business with Colonel Cortez and Boaz. Epifanio fakes a coughing fit and says he needs some air. As he heads out the door, he calls over to Cortez that this is for Batman. Then the entertainers open fire on Cortez and set the place on fire. Burned and shot, but not dead, Cortez escapes. 

Alonzo works on Kelly Anne to get paperwork on Camila’s business. Kelly Anne finds the paperwork in Cole’s safe at home, but she calls Teresa instead of Alonzo. There is paperwork that says Teresa is the owner of the shipping company, and then other paperwork saying that it belongs to Camila. It could send Teresa to prison. 

When Cole comes home, he realizes that Kelly Anne has betrayed him and holds her by the throat, until Teresa steps in with her gun. Cole tells Kelly Anne to get out. Then he tells Teresa that it was all Camila’s idea. He tells Teresa that she’s stupid to trust Camila and that he’s ready for when Camila turns on him. Before he can finish his speech, Kelly Anne shoots him in the head.  


Teresa calls Pote to dispose of Cole’s body. She tells Kelly Anne that she will protect her. Then she goes to the jail to confront Camila. Teresa only tells her about the paperwork with Camila’s name on it, but asks if there’s anything else she should look for that could hurt them. Camila says no. She also swears that she’s never had an affair with Cole and that she’d never lie to Teresa, even though she just did.

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Our people rely on the cocaine production for their survival. I'm a pragmatist. I have no desire to end that. As long as you project yourself as a proper businessman we have no issues.


James: The minute I'm gone you end up in here. She's not ready, Camila. I can handle the business alone.
Camila: If it wasn't for Teresa we wouldn't have anything worth protecting.