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Camila and Teresa meet with Devon Finch to make a deal. Camila sees a photo of Isabela doing cocaine online and has an argument with her daughter over the phone. Camila then lashes out at Teresa when she feels she’s overstepped during their meeting. 

Cortez lies to the task force and tells them that losing Guero was Alonzo’s fault. Cortez says he has a lead on Guero in Mexico. Then he tracks Camila by taking her number from Epifanio’s phone. 

Cortez’s men find Camila and Teresa, but Teresa shoots one of them in both knees. When he won’t tell them where they can find Cortez, Camila shoots him in the head.

At Manuel’s funeral, Epifanio finds Isabela in a back room doing cocaine with Kique Jimenez and her friends. He tells Boaz to keep his son away from Isabela, but Boaz is infuriated, saying the Jimenez men can screw whoever they want, then Epifanio envisions Boaz shooting him dead. Epifanio changes tacts and says he must protect Isabela’s honor. Boaz agrees to speak to Kique after the funeral. 

Cortez then clones Isabela’s phone to lure Camila to a night club in Dallas. When she and Teresa get there, they find Isabela and Kique, but they are also surrounded by Cortez and his men. Teresa calls Agent Alonzo Loya for help. 

Camila tells Teresa to get Isabela and Kique out of the club and she’ll turn herself over to Cortez so that Isabela won’t get hurt. Teresa sends isabela and Kique back to Mexico but then turns back to help Camila. The DEA shows up before Cortez can kill Camila, but Alonzo plants drugs and a gun in her car in order to arrest her. 

Worrying about isabela’s future, Epifanio offers to sell his entire business to Boaz as long as he respects his governorship. If he doesn’t, Epifanio will let everyone loyal to Manuel that Boaz killed him. Boaz agrees. 



Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Isabela has a new mosquito of her own that needs to be crushed. She'll learn the hard way, just like you did.


Guero was an irritating little mosquito draining you of your spirit, Teresa.