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Pecas men try to hijack one of Teresa’s delivery but Little T holds them off. James is worried that Pecas will keep coming after them and hit the winery next. James and Pote say Phoenix is blown and they should leave. Teresa refuses to and meets with Tazas to try and get him to side with her and go up against Pecas. 

James considers taking over in order to protect Teresa and the operation. Pote decides to protect Teresa from herself and locks her in a room with food and tells her to rest. She is furious. 

Tazas chastises Pecas for not honoring their deal with Teresa and for turning her over to Camila without talking to anyone else on La Comision. Pecas claims they’ll all have a meeting to discuss it but he plans to take out both Teresa and Tazas. 

Teresa breaks out of the room and runs into Kelly Anne who offers her a hit of cocaine because she looks so tired. Later, Kelly Anne uses more coke to get through the night. 

Pecas sends a sicario to the winery hiding in a van full of doves for the wedding. Teresa and Kelly Anne find the driver he killed and call James and Pote.  Teresa comes face to face with the sicario as Pote captures him. They cut off the man’s tattoo and send it to Pecas, telling him that his time is running out. 

Teresa calls Camila to tell her that Pecas failed and that she isn’t leaving Phoenix. She will fight for what is hers. Then Teresa, James, and Pote head to Tazas reservation, per his invitation, to meet with him.   

Cortez tells Camila he has a line Boaz but she tells him to forget it. His orders are to make sure Isabela stays away from Kique and to use Pecas to intercept Teresa in Phoenix. Cortez thinks that picking up Boaz is the smarter move but Camila doesn’t care. 

Isabela meets secretly with Kique. Cortez men are watching but he doesn’t have them break up the tryst. He tells Camila that they should kidnap Kique to flush Boaz out and finish him for good. Camila agrees but says Kique cannot be harmed and Isabela must never know she gave the order or she might lose her daughter forever. 

As Kique and Isabela plan to run off and get married, Cortez intercepts Kique. Kique tells Cortez that he is nothing more that Camila’s puppet. Cortez becomes so angry that he kills Kique. 


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Last time you disappeared you ended up in a cell in Mexico and now you leave without telling us.


Teresa: When we work together I'll give you a cut of my product and better terms.
Tazas: If you win. If you don't win Pecas kills me and you and anyone who fought on your side.