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Teresa remembers when Brenda was pregnant with Tony and when she asked her to be Tony’s godmother. 

After the disturbing phone call, Pote heads to Tony’s school in Texas to find out what has happened. 

One boy at the school is dead. It isn’t Tony but no one can locate Tony. Teresa sees Tony’s posts online and realizes that he has found one of his uncles who lives close to the school. Pote heads to the uncle’s home where he finds the man tortured to death, but Tony appears to have gotten away. 

There’s a car behind the uncle’s house in which Pote finds a file filled with photos and information about Teresa and Tony. 

In the woods, Pote finds Tony and Kelly Anne, who is still very much alive. Turns out James let her go. Tony had a system where he would ping Kelly Anne if he was ever in trouble, so despite being on the run, she came to help Tony. 

With men after them in the woods, Pote gives Kelly Anne a gun with four bullets left. His gun only has two bullets. He goes back into the woods as a decoy in the hopes that Kelly Anne can get Tony to safety. 

Pote learns from one of the shooters that Corez hired them before he died. Tony, Kelly Anne, and Pote all get away but one of the shooters survives. Pote gives Kelly Anne the option to go back on the run again but she chooses to go back and face Teresa.

Teresa’s shipment for Raoul is on its way to Miami when Marcel Dumas has it hijacked, but he thinks it’s just liquor. They don’t know that the bottles of tequila are really liquid cocaine. Marcel has his injured man drink the “tequila” to ease the pain of his gunshot wound and the man dies. 

Not only is Raoul angry because his shipment was hijacked but his nephew was one of the drivers and is being held by Marcel. Raoul tells Teresa that if his nephew isn’t returned unharmed, she will pay.

Teresa, King George, Javier, and the crew follow the GPS on the tequila truck to a warehouse but it’s empty except for the tracker that’s been left behind. 

Raoul and his men confront Teresa and her crew back at the bar when Marcel Dumas calls. He wants Teresa to come to his place. Teresa heads over with Javier while George and the bartender, Birdie, are left with Raoul and his crew.

Just as Raoul is about to kill George and Birdie. George tries to get Raoul to just kill him and let Birdie go when Teresa calls. She has his shipment and his nephew. Unfortunately she had to make a deal to sell her cocaine to Marcel to get them back. 

Later, George commends Birdie on keeping her cool with a gun to her head. She says her father ran numbers in the French quarter and used her as a runner. The first time she had a gun to her head she was about nine, but this was the first time anyone has ever offered to take a bullet for her. Birdie shares her joint with George and then, much to his surprise, sits in his lap and kisses him.

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Brenda: Would you be Tony’s godmother?
Teresa: Yes. Of course!
Brenda: No. Listen to me. No, ‘cause I’m not talking about just a godmother who’s going to pose for the baptism photos. What I mean is, if something happens to Chino or me, will you take care of him?
Teresa: Yes, of course.

Teresa: He’s depending on me.
Pote: A lot of people are depending on you now, not just Tony, but if someone is after him they’re after you too.