Dealing With the Competition - Queen of the South
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Teresa tells Marcel Dumas now that they are in business together, he will deal directly with Javier, not her. 

Teresa gives Birdie the opportunity to walk away from the bar but she chooses to stay. 

Teresa goes to Pote’s house to see Tony, and before Pote can break the news, she sees Kelly Anne. She’s shocked but can’t make a decision about her now as she has a business deal to get to.

Teresa wants to buy Salerno trucking, a small company with shipping routes up and down the east coast. Unfortunately, the Salernos owe 30% of their company to a loan shark, Joel Bouche. Bouche won’t sell and spits on Teresa’s money before walking out. Then he finds Frank Salerno, beats him up and sets one of his trucks on fire. 

Bouche kidnaps Pote and Teresa. He shows Teresa the alligators on his farm and talks about how his Daddy taught him to wrestle them and survive. It’s unclear what his plan is for Teresa, but Pote breaks free and they escape. 

Pote and Teresa are stopped by the police and Judge Lafayette. Lafayette kills Bouche so that she can buy Salerno trucking because he wants a part of Teresa’s narcotics business. Teresa thinks he could be an ally but she isn’t sure she can trust him.

Tony lobbies for Kelly Anne to stay. Teresa tells Pote that she doesn’t want Kelly Anne near her or her business but she’s Pote’s guest and he can decide if she stays at his house. 

Judge Lafayette’s son, Davis, who is mentally ill,  gets lost while driving and the police have to call Lafayette to come and get him. 

Believing that Marcus told Lafayette about her drug business, she calls Marcus and says their deal is off because he broke their trust. 

Teresa goes to visit Eddie at the church he’s renovating and the two make love.

Rene and his cronies hang at at Teresa’s bar, insult Javier, expect their bill to be comped, and then won’t leave. Rene taunts Javier all night. In the men’s room, Rene pisses on the floor and calls Javier Teresa’s bitch. 

Javier finally snaps. He beats Rene to death, and when Rene’s much larger friend comes in and attacks Javier, he and Boaz kill him to. Boaz laughs as Javier realizes how bad this situation has become.


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Tony: I’m making my own graphic novel.
Pote: Whatever you do don’t call it a comic book. He goes crazy.

Teresa: Listen, I know you have every reason to walk away after what happened. I’m glad you’re still here.
Birdie: Well, every bar that I ever worked in my bosses have always been men. I knew what I was to them, eye candy, nothing more, even as I built up their business. I don’t know, you’re different and I believe in what this bar could be. So, that other stuff, that’s your business.