Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13 Review: I Am

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The Bordelon family has been torn apart from within since Nova wrote her tell-all book, but Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13 showed them putting the pieces back together.

They even took the time to gather and celebrate a big win!

Hopefully, they enjoyed the party because it's unclear if this success will be enough to defeat what is headed their way. 

The Bordelons Unite - Queen Sugar

Charley being arrested for suspicion of setting her own mill on fire seemed like a plot point that should have been huge, especially since this was the Queen Sugar season finale.

But in the end it felt almost trivial compared to what came next. 

Of course, the most compelling part was Charley storming outside to address the press who was waiting to pounce on her about her arrest in this Queen Sugar quote...

Reporter: You’re saying you’re innocent.
Charley: You’re damn right I’m innocent. To whoever is fueling these attacks on me and my family, to whoever tried and failed to permanently purge our supporters from the voter rolls, it won’t work. When you come for me and the people of St. Jo, you better not miss, and you missed. We’ll see you at the polls.

This was everything I love about Charley Bordelon. She never backs down, she never gives up. She's smart, strong, and fearless and always comes out swinging.

She even asked for a compact to fix her hair and makeup, not because she's vain but because she knew that if she walked out of the police station looking disheveled, it would give credence to the premise that her enemies were beating her. 

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Instead, Charley walked out with her head held high and not a hair out of place. She looked like a winner ready to take on all challengers. 

But nothing beat the expression of sheer shock and joy on Charley's face when she won the election against the odds.

The Results - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

The election results came quickly, too quickly. When I realized that there was still over 20 minutes left in the episode it made me nervous because there was a lot of story left to tell. 

Some of that story was joyful, like Darla and Ralph Angel reuniting.

Ralph Angel: You’ve been through a lot, Darla, addiction, assault. You was violated in the worst way.
Darla: But I don’t want you to see me as all those thing. I don’t want to be that. I want you to look at me like you used to.
Ralph Angel: I don’t think I can. What I see now is more brave, more beautiful, better than I’d ever seen. I see you, Darla, all of you and I love all of it. I love you.

As much as Deesha and Ralph Angel were a good fit, they always had the vibe of a transitional relationship and not a permanent one. 

Perhaps because Ralph Angel's heart still belonged to Darla.

Darla Has Something To Say - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

Previously, Ralph Angel hadn't always understood the struggles Darla faced as an addict. Now he seems to have a better grasp on how much her addiction has cost her and how difficult the battle to stay sober.

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These two have been to hell and back and they've grown stronger, separately. The hope is that their love for one another, and for Blue, will help them build a stable relationship. 

Nova and Calvin were also determined to make their relationship work.

Calvin and Nova - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

Calvin found a home they could share that was near both the 9th ward and his children, and instead of looking panicked, Nova appeared delighted. 

Nova was so serious about pursuing a future with Calvin that she brought him to the diner to introduce him to her family which is something she never would have considered back when this was simply an affair. 

Ralph Angel and Nova also made amends but his acceptance of Nova's apology was less than satisfying.

Perhaps because Nova's apologies are frequently followed by her justification that something good was created by her poor decisions. 

Nova and Ralph Angel Reconcile - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

In this case, it was finding Martha and learning that Trudy was most likely buried somewhere on the farm. 

It's an odd thing, not wanting your children to know where you've been buried. It sounded as though she made the decision more for Ernest than anyone else so that he could feel as though he could go to her and talk to her even after she was gone. 

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Nova explained that Trudy didn't want her kids to feel as though they couldn't let the farm go because she was buried there, but in keeping her burial site from them, she also excluded them from the kind of comfort she was able to offer Ernest. 

It just doesn't seem fair.

The Family Gathers - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

However, watching Nova and Ralph Angel work together to figure out where they believed Trudy was buried, near her favorite wildflowers, was fulfilling. 

And having the entire family, dressed in white, gather together to mark her grave was a poignant moment for all of the Bordelons. It reinforced that they are stronger together.

And it's clear that they will need all of their fortitude to stop the fracking that is headed for St. Jo's. 

Charley and Nova in White - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

When Sam Landry told Violet that he hadn't ever made contact with his illegitimate, biracial daughter, I believed him and as much as I loved Vi's advice to Sam, I never expected him to take it. 

Well, you know better now. Do better now.


But it turned out he didn't need her advice and instead of paying Violet back for having his back so his own father didn't kill him for having an affair with a black woman, he used the chip Violet cashed in for his own gain.

Violet: Like the fire wasn’t bad enough, to try and say you were the one who set it is a sick joke.
Charley: Well, I’m sure Frances had a good laugh having me carted off by the cops.
Violet: Well, you know, you gonna have the last laugh.
Charley: What is this, Aunt Vi?
Violet: Information, the most valuable thing you can have at a time like this.

Charley used that information to take down Frances but I was horribly disappointed when the officers acquiesced and didn't take her out of the restaurant in handcuffs. 

It was all the more irksome because if they had been arresting Charley in that very public setting they wouldn't have hesitated. 

Dealing With Frances - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

But little did Charley realize that Frances was the least of her worries and that in taking her down, she was actually doing Sam Landry's bidding. 

Sam wasn't wrong when he claimed the optics worked in his favor. Instead of the old, powerful, white man taking down his sister, he let the young, up and coming black woman have the honors while keeping his hands clean.

The appearance of Parker Campbell was disturbing for many reasons.

The fact that Parker wasn't a white man was a surprise to Charley and it rattled her. 

Charley Gets Blindsided - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

Parker was completely cold and unfeeling. Her only interest was business, her only desire was to win, and if that means decimating St. Jo's in the process, so be it. 

Parker has no connection to the farmers or the land. No connection to the real people who will be affected by the plan to obliterate this community for profit. 

Sam Landry has played the long game with Parker. He has produced a daughter who can do his bidding in ways that he can't. It's both fascinating and frightening. 

But how close are father and daughter? How much of this plan is Sam's and how much is Parker's?

Sam Landry At The Diner - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13

Will they continue to band together to steal the Bordelon's land and tear apart St. Jo or is there a possibility of a rift in the future?

The only way we'll find out is if OWN renews the series for season 5!

I know I don't want to miss a minute of the Bordelon's story. What did you think of the Queen Sugar Season Finale, TV Fanatics and should OWN give it a season 5?

Until we find out, you can watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic.

I Am Review

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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Reporter: You’re saying you’re innocent.
Charley: You’re damn right I’m innocent. To whoever is fueling these attacks on me and my family, to whoever tried and failed to permanently purge our supporters from the voter rolls, it won’t work. When you come for me and the people of St. Jo, you better not miss, and you missed. We’ll see you at the polls.

Micah: I’m sorry for how I told you about Harvard. I shouldn’t have sprung it on you like that.
Charley: I appreciate that and my response, it wasn’t just about Harvard. This election…I just want you to have every chance, every advantage.
Micah: I already have advantages and I’m thankful for them. I want to use my advantages to help others.