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Ray, Terry and Bunchy toast the anniversary of their sister's passing on this episode of Ray Donovan.

Bridget got her belly button pierced and it's infected.

Avi burned down a house owned by the Realtor who sold the house to Bunchy.

Bridget thinks Ray killed Marvin.

Marvin is at a low key house writing music.

Mickey visits a spa and makes a connection with a divorcee.

The brothers toast their sister Bridget on her birthday, 26 years after her death.

Frances confides in Terry.

Terry goes to confront Terry's husband.

Bridget takes off for Marvin in Compton.

Abby covers for Bridget.

Ray took Marvin home for a while.

Mickey makes a mess of things with the lady he met at the spa.

Marvin won't be moving back to Calabasas after what he did to Bridget.

Mickey interrupts the Donovan brothers celebrating Bridget's life.

Terry ends things with Frances over her marriage vows.

Abby tells Ray she wants emotional honesty.

Terry goes to confession but doesn't like what the priest has to say.

Ray sings Bridget to sleep.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Bridget: Did you kill Marvin?
Ray: What? No.
Bridget: What did you do to him?
Ray: I did what had to be done.

You do. You make me hard. Now shut up and blow me already.