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Abby arrives in Boston at her brother's bar. There reunion is bittersweet. She buys a round of drinks for everyone.

Ray and Terry are chatting in Fite Club. Terry's worried the price Ray paid to get him out of prison. Ray wants to get Terry a new coffee maker. Terry really needs a new car.

The welcome home from Mickey doesn't go over well with Terry.

Varick calls Ray. It's time to go to work. Mickey, meanwhile, starts bragging to Terry about what he and his brother had to do to get him out of prison. 

Ray picks up Casey. Paige is trying to sell his studio to the Chinese. After Casey knocks down an entire cereal display in his attempt to get Trix, Varick informs Ray the meeting has been cancelled.

Conor takes his mom's car to school, and an older girl wants his address. I expect a party is in order.

Abby and her niece do a shot for the road. It was a super short trip, which I expect will be extended.

Varick tells Ray he married Finney's daughter as his in as COO to the Finney organization. What? 

As Conor prepares for his party, he tells Ray he has the stomach flu. The girls show up. With their own boys.

There is one girl left over, so Conor sends his friend home. Then there is a knock at the door. Her guy shows up.

Bridget learns she should be nice to the teacher who doesn't give extra credit because his life is tragic. His wife died last year. She was decapitated in a car crash, and he was driving.

Ray finally reveals to Terry what he did to get him out of prison. He's honest. He has no fucking idea what he's doing for Finney.

We finally see Frances again, and she's none too pleased about seeing Terry again. She lays into him about the robbery and choosing his family over her. They had something, she says.

Bridget runs into her teacher Mr. Donellen and tells him her boyfriend was murdered.

Ray runs into Tommy Wheeler, who is now fully on board with Chloe, who is in drag, perhaps transgendered, and they're getting married. Casey is threatening his contract. 

Terry and Mickey have a problem when it comes to his party.

Conor gets into a fight with his guests, but Bridget gets home just in time.

Paige tells Ray about her braces and why Malcolm hired him.

Abby is still with Lauren when Margaret gets home, and Margaret suggests she stay a while. 

Ray goes home and has some breakfast cereal.


Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

We're talking about selling yet another American institution to a foreign company. I need a little more time.


Dave: You look like a fuckin' teenager!
Abby: I feel like an old woman.