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Ray is digging a hole in the desert.

He wakes up next to Paige. 

Father Romero is packing up his box full of Father O'Connor items, including photos of Bunchy.

Abby confronts Terry about moving in with them. He's sleeping on an army cot at Fite Club. 

Varick arrives at the Finney house to learn "he's breaking ties." Varick finds the terms unacceptable. The butler tells him he's a capable man and will land on his feet. Varick appeals to Finney through the window where he's watching while drinking coffee.

Just after Paige kisses Ray and moves out of the kitchen, Varick walks in to tell Ray there is sugar on the counter.

Mickey meets Teresa, taking her flowers. He wants her to be gentle with Bunchy. She wants him to be gentle with Brendan.

Mickey compares Teresa to a good stripper he knew from Amsterdam, which is why he took her tulips. Of course, he didn't know her before he purchased the tulips. As he's speaking, Darryl's car is fire bombed.

Ray and Lena are visiting Helen the woman he bribed to get some snakes. It's unclear why yet.

Mickey tries to hit on the cop who comes to help after the bombing. He refuses to talk about the Armenian. She tells him he's shut down, as of today. Any move and they're all arrested.

Ray wants to get the guy for smuggling snakes full of heroin. While Helen is panicking, Lena punches her and she lands on her ass where she's bitten by a snake. Ray puts her in the car with Lena. The deal won't happen today.

Varick wants to talk about splitting assets. But not really. It's more about being cut out completely. 

Abby takes Terry to get a haircut.

Bridget asks Mr. Donellen to get that cup of coffee for more help with the proofs. He apologizes for texting her back, admitting he was being totally inappropriate due to pain medication. He knows she just wants to talk, but they have to keep it to school. He excuses himself for a faculty meeting and she swipes something off of his desk.

Romero visits Bunchy and asks him to contact Ray. He knows he's angry with him, but he needs to see him.

Ray's digging a hole, this time with Avi. He opens the van and they pull out a body. They toss in the body.

Ray goes to see Father Romero, who gives to him the box and asks him to change and accept full communion again. He's suffered enough.

Varick asks Finney to rethink thinks because gay men marry now and they could be together. Finney kisses him and says he feels nothing. Varick taunts him and Finney kills him in a fit of rage. It's horrifying.

Ray returns to Fite Club with the box. Bunch looks at the files. they're safe, but he feels stupid for having accepted Romero into his life. He should never have gone to SNAP or trusted people. 

Finney calls Ray. It's an emergency. 

Bridget visits Mr. Donellen at home. She feels connected to him. She hates boundaries. He admits they have something in common. He's not doing well. His medication. He leaves the door open and she enters.

Finney is saying Varick came at him and it was an accident. It clearly wasn't, but what else was he going to say? Finney starts to use the NFL deal as a way to get Ray to help. When that doesn't work, he asks that Ray repay the kindness he used when he saved his brother. 

Mickey can't believe his life might come to gin and lawn bowling. He makes a call.

Bridget uses Donellen's bathroom. He's using vicodin, among other drugs. When she returns to the living room, she calls him Greg and asks to stay. He says no. She kisses him and he pushes her away. He tells her she's just lonely. Staying with him won't change that. She'll still be lonely. 

Avi needs to talk about killing Kate, but Ray wishes he could have gone to prison instead. Avi assures him that's not true, if not for himself, then for his family.

Abby takes Terry to his new room. She wants him to be there as much as she wants him to want to be there. She even has the family bible in his room.

Ray goes to Paige for Varick's passport. That's the key to making the deal. She's a little confused.

Mickey talks about Amsterdam with the cop. She wonders if he plans to help them or not.

Ray makes plans for Varick using Avi. 

Paige appears in front of Finney and Ray. When she hears about Varick and the Napier deal and especially that he's ready to step aside to let Paige run the show, she smiles. Finney wants Ray to sit with him for a funeral. That's all he's gonna get.

Paige accepts what Ray says about Varick and the deal with her father.

Bridget remains with Mr. Donellen and snuggles with him on the couch while he appears to be passed out.

Ray sees Terry when he arrives home. Abby asks him to join her in bed.



Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

See, you've worn the clothes so fucking long you forgot they don't belong to you. What you should do is say thank you. And get out.


Mickey: Bunchy won the fuckin' lottery, huh.
Teresa: I like to call him Brendan.
Mickey: You can call him Vladamir for all I care, as long as you treat him right. He's never loved. He's pure, so you be gentle with my boy.