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Ray is at the doctor with Terry. Terry has been having new symptoms, and he's not dealing with them well. The doctor laughs at them, assuring Terry they can be treated. Terry's not amused.

The Armenians came and took Daryll's car. He's also not amused.

Bunch and Teresa are getting acquainted. She has set up an altar for her dead brother in Fite Club's office. Bunch wants his settlement money from Ray because Teresa is going to be his wife. Ray doesn't want to give it to him if he's going to give it to a woman he just met. Bunch points out he's the one who stood up and said what happened to him. He wants the account in his name before the week is over.

Harriet doesn't like the financials of Abby's dad's place. Ray just wants to get it done.

Ray might be taking up residence in the second bedroom of the house. He thinks Terry should move in with them.

The Armenians shook down the hookers.

Ray tells Abby about Bunchy and Teresa.

Ray wants $200k from Paige to keep the NFL deal alive. She's skeptical.

Bridget takes a friend home from school who wants something to "drink." They look at Donellen's wife's facebook page.

Ray is giving the $200k to the fish and game woman. Paige served Varick with divorce paper's this morning. Ray meets with Helen Miller saying the Finney family would like to make a donation in the chief concern of the tri-colored blackbird. She really likes the bag.

Varick doesn't take the idea of divorce very well.

Father Romero calls Ray to talk about the murder of Father O'Connor. He wants to speak in person. Fuck. Ray rushes over to Fite Club. Bunch tries to cover up his tracks by saying Romero's a SNAP guy, so it's OK that he said he shot him and that Ray shot him, too. Terry goes nuts on him and Bunch punches Terry in the face. Lena discovers Romero runs the church's abuser program.

Teresa walks up on Bunch being shouted at by Ray. She tells the brothers to stop treating him like that, that Brendan is her business. They're in love, and they better get used to her.

Bridget wonders why Abby chose Ray. Bridget wants to go after someone. The guy is aloof, she tells Abby. Abby tells her to make her move and not fall prey to the teenage bullshit.

Bunch goes to Mickey to get money since Ray won't give him his settlement money. Mickey prepared to do business with the Armenians by way of funny money and a pipe. Bunch is probably prepared to murder with all of the rage inside him, but Daryll stops him. Maybe.

Romero shows Ray the place where he's working. O'Connor told Romero all about Bunchy and all about Ray. Romero claims he only wants Ray to admit what he did, to repent, and all will be forgiven between the two.

What happens next is Ray and the Father have a blowout leaving Ray excommunicated while Bunchy and Mickey go through something similar at the same time. 

Terry decides not to move in and Ray may wind up having an affair with Paige.

Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Ray: You've seen the plant, Helen. It's a shithole. I'm sure the birds would be happy for a change.
Helen: Well, it is a very nice bag.

You know they'd've lost the bar without you. Thank you.