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Ray goes to Ezra's house and into the safe and retrieves the tapes. 

He then goes to a Hollywood power player to strike a deal in order for the tapes not to be leaked. 

Mickey wants to return home and the lady from the motel offers to give him a ride, but along the way, she gets him to relieve her. 

Terry pursues the man who stole Abby's purse and gets him to come to the gym in order to have a sparring match with his brother. 

Abby is annoyed when Lena shows up on her door step with a friend who had breast cancer, but she quickly changes her stance on the matter and the three women go out and get drunk. 

Abby touches Lena's friend's boob and then kisses her. She comes clean to Ray about the whole thing and they laugh it off. 

Ray pursues Ed for help, but Ed refuses to help unless Ray sings for him. 

Ray took to the stage and sang a song for him. 

Mickey goes to see Bunchy's baby and lets Bunchy know about what's been going on with him, but Terese makes it clear she doesn't want him around their daughter. 

Ray Donovan
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