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Mickey tells Ray about what happened with Frank and that Bunchy is in jail. Ray goes to meet Frank and he says that Avi needs to die. 

Ray tells Frank to put Mickey away when he kills Avi. Ray goes to "kill" Avi and decides to fake his death with a prosthetic maker from Natalie's movie. 

Just when Mickey goes to meet Frank, Frank tries to arrest him and Daryll shoots him in the head, killing him. 

Bunchy find the man who stole his money in prison and quickly learns that the other man was the one who ran away with it, so he bails the man out in order for them to find the right man. 

Mickey opens up to Ray about giving Abby the pills to kill herself and Ray punches him in the face to knock him out. 


Ray Donovan
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Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Mickey: I'll come with you.
Ray: No you won't. Stay right where you fucking are.

Robber: What the fuck you want?
Bunchy: My money.
Robber: I ain't ever seen your ass in my fucking life.