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Morgan offers to pay Sam $20,000 if he helps him catch the latest soul, Billy Boyland.  Billy it turns out went to Hell for merely coveting his neighbor's wife.  Before they capture him, Billy pleads with them that he's still a virgin and just wants to lose that before he'll go back.  Bill takes them to a local bar where the woman he coveted on earth, Cindy, hangs out.  Cindy is now recently divorced and Billy and her end up going home together.  It's true love and Billy convinces Sam not to send him back. 

The guys try and use the vessel (a dodgeball) on Billy's corpse in the graveyard.  It works and they turn it into Gladys.  Later, the Devil informs Sam that now an Ender is coming to get the soul and it'll be far worse for Billy... his soul will just be destroyed.  However, before the Ender can get to him it just turns away, probably because of the true love it's no longer coveting.  Meanwhile, Morgan shows up at the end and nails Billy with the dodgeball, capturing him.  Tough break.  Sam goes to visit Billy's grave and sees Alan, the guy who got out of Hell, who takes off running.

Kristen refuses to continue things with Sock now that her father is home so Sock attempts to bond with his stepfather by going fishing.  On the fishing trip, Sock tells Morris he likes his daughter and Morris says she's too good for him.  Sock tells him about their history and Morris attacks him with the fishing rod.  At the end of the episode, Kristen leaves to go back to Japan.

Ben, meanwhile, has his two month anniversary with Nina coming up and she wants to take him flying.  He's nervous but agrees to do it on their anniversary.  He's hesitant and when h etells her, she tells him how she got over her fear of blood.  She chucks him off the rooftop and flies down to catch him.  He ended up liking it.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Ben: Could you put some on clothes, please?
Sock: I'm too upset for clothes

Kristen: My father cannot know I date my stepbrother.
Sock: All right, sure, look, he'll be shocked at first. Yeah, so is the father of every girl I've ever dated, all right? But eventually, I promise you, he will settle into a nice, grudging acceptance