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Emma becomes jealous when she sees Leo escort Kara off the roof. She doesn't know that Kara just lost her sight and asked Leo for help. Even when she learns the truth later she accuses Leo of always wanting to be their to rescue Kara. Leo makes it clear that the choice is Emma's. He chooses her.

Dash sees Emma making spreadsheets to decide between Leo and Jordi. He reminds her that this is about who she likes more. She confesses she doesn't understand how either of them like her when she doesn't like herself. 

Kara's heart isn't pumping enough blood to her brain which has caused her temporary blindness. They are putting in a pacemaker as a stop gap measure. Kara runs into Hunter who pranks her by sticking her on an elevator while she's blind. When she regains her sight, they meet again and although he's handsome, he continues to play games with her. Hunter is a patient but never tells her the reason why he's in the hospital.

Dr. McAndrew's ex, Dr. Erin Grace returns from Africa. When they dated, she asked him to come with her but he turned her down thinking he was on the fast track to becoming Chief. Now she's back and she's Chief. 

McAndrews is angry when he thinks Nurse Jackson has made an end run around him to Dr. Grace to ask for a famous specialist to fly in and take a look at Charlie. Later, he agrees to it but reports Nurse Jackson when he figures out she mislabeled Charlie's lab work. She gets suspended. 

Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Do you even work here are you some sicko with a fetish for hot blind girls?


I'm just going full blown Magoo right now, no big deal.