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Harry is trapped under an ice bolder, but Asta and D'Arcy are free, if unconscious.

Awake now, D'Arcy is annoyed, and Asta is thankful. While they struggle to get to the snowmobile for the radio, Harry reaches for his device, noticing his hands are changing form.

D'Arcy is on the snowmboile, but it cracks off the ice, and she's caught on a rope, dangling above the crevasse while Harry and Asta topple down further.

General sends David and Lisa to Colorado to find whatever was flying that machine.

Asta sees a glowing light under Harry, and he doesn't want her to come any closer. He's beginning to change form.

She cowers in fear. Harry doesn't want her to be afraid, and she screams to D'Arcy. After blaming snow bees for his changing face, Harry admits that he's an alien. She's freaking out. He has more news, too, about the reptilians who are trying to take over the universe by using the earth as a laboratory for hybridization. They have hygiene issues.

The glowing stuff is his blood. When that becomes clear, she involuntarily goes into medical mode.

Being an alien explains a lot, she admits. She goes about cauterizing his wound, and Harry's screams wake D'Arcy.

They're all OK. Everything's fine, Asta says, looking at the blue blood on her hands.

The mountain will be swarming with people looking for them, and Harry realizes it's bad news for him. The weaker he gets, the more alien he'll become.

Racist millennials are speeding down Mrs. Flaherty's road, she tells Ben. She needs bumps. Big bumps.

Sheriff Mike thinks Ben just needs to say no. He doesn't like seeing people push Ben around, including Kate. His advice for Ben isn't all that bad considering that Kate wants a challenge.

Ben talks back because maybe he's not the best judge given Liv's whereabouts.

A slamming contest ensues, including slamming the blinds.

Ben calls Kate about dinner. They'll go to LeRons even if it's too expensive because he gets a 15% mayoral discount.

Asta wonders what happened to the real Harry Vanderspeigel. He lies about it. How did he get his DNA? Skin cells.

He reveals a whole bunch of stuff about Harry's wife, his own family, the birthing process, and all of the feelings.

D'Arcy fails to reach the surface.

Ben is asked to gather some of Liv's things while she stands outside. She refuses to speak to him, which drives Mike nuts. He's so happy he has little cartoon birds flying around his head. She indicates that usually means your unconscious.

Harry is growing weaker. He's concerned about whether he's ugly to Asta, who says he is not. She gets another bag, this one with water. Harry admits that Max has seen him in his true form. Asta thinks that Harry is more drawn to being human than Harry cares to admit. He laughs and reveals his breathing duct. Ewww.

Harry wants Asta to go slowly to avoid the teeth. She clears his chest of the clotted blood.

Thank God D'Arcy carries a flask since Asta needs a drink.

Up above, D'Arcy is saying goodbye via video. She reveals all of her secrets including shitting in someone's car when they said a racist thing to Sheriff Mike only to find out it was his car.

She passes out to "Can you set me free" lyrics. Is she dead?

Harry saw the Wizard of Oz as Dorothy and Toto invading the flying monkey's space.

Harry's real name is like having a seizure. She decides to stick with Harry.

D'Arcy remembers people forcing her to come back from her catastrophic injury, willing herself to live.

She returns to the ice.

David is whining about running out of time. They're in the diner. Big storm coming.

Harry's planet is freezing, and the cold is helping him recover.

Harry describes the earth as an egg that has been left to rot in the sun too long.

Ben and Kate are at dinner, and Ben orders for Kate. She tries to order a different dish, but he insists. She wonders if something is wrong. They argue about dinner and why he's ordering things he hates.

Dan asks for the Sheriff's help to find Asta.

Ben tries the escargot, but he's having a tough time of it.

Liv, meanwhile, is on a date, and following their lead, Ben snuggles with Kate and kisses her. But Ben has cut his lip on a shell. He's trying to make their anniversary special. He wanted to take charge, and she admits that it's not him. She says at least pick someplace you love like the taco place.

Sheriff Mike checks in with Liv and her date, which is D'Arcy's partner, John. They can prepare the chopper for a search, but it can't be until daybreak.

John accompanies Mike, and they leave, walking past Abigail, Sam's wife, on a very friendly date.

D'Arcy made it to the top! She's badass. Now we know why she's got the job. She sends a rope down to Asta and Harry. Harry's out of time.

Asta disguises Harry, and D'Arcy lifts him up.

In the ladies' room, Kate needs toilet paper. It's Lisa who gives it to her. Lisa claims to be new, and Kate offers her phone number.

Lisa is a cartoon villain worse than a cartoon alien.

D'Arcy has saved everyone, and they're on the way back. Asta asks Dan for help. Harry is going full alien. At the clinic, she steals the truck from D'Arcy and meets Dan at the diner. Dan sees Harry, and says hell no, closing the door.

Dan thinks the alien is Ben. He laughs when he finds out the doctor is an alien. Sheriff Mike arrives, and when he learns Asta took Harry to get an MRI, he tells the search party to stand down.

Asta gives Harry the device, saying to himself that if he knew what she was giving him, she would let him die.

She has to cut off Harry's leg to save him, but she can't do it. Asta won't let Harry die.

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Resident Alien Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Harry: It's your fault. The ice glacier caved in because you are too heavy.
D'Arcy: OK. We're killing him.

Asta: Thank God, we're all OK.
D'Arcy: OK? We fell into a crevasse. This is a death trap.
Asta: Sorry I said anything.