Armed with the Law - Resident Alien
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Five months ago, Harry was putting botulism into Sam's insulin.

Our Harry is opining about humans and their penchant for murder. It was on the night Harry did that that our Harry took him over.

Now, D'Arcy is at Harry's cabin with Mike and Liv. They're humoring her, but she's not playing games.

They have to pull her out of the cabin.

But once outside, Liv finds a boot next to the lake. That ain't right.

Kate is making food while Max and Sahar view the video of "Linda" stealing the tech. They have to warn Harry.

Lisa and David are outside waiting to follow them.

D'Arcy is fine with Asta joining Harry for murder. She'll get them out of the country. But D'Arcy winds up thinking she's seeing things. Which she isn't. D'Arcy reveals Asta's tell -- she gets overly touchy and huggy. She knows Asta is lying to her.

Lisa runs right into Sahar and knocks her on the ground. Sahar did it on purpose to give Max time.

Harry is hesitating over the device. He hears an ad for pizza and decides to head out. He can't kill everyone on earth on an empty stomach. he's enjoying his humanness.

Jay is working at the cafe. Asta and Jay have a few words but nothing significant.

Sahar and Max join Asta, and they exchange "I know that you knows" before they let her in on Harry's potential safety issue. They're tracking Lisa and David using Kate's phone.

Harry arrives home with about seven pizzas because of what he learned from the squirrels. He'll have enough food to complete his mission. But, he should test it first.

The kids look out the window to see the RV outside. But Lisa and David are already inside.

Dead Harry was up in the loft. Harry kicks him downstairs. Harry can direct the device's pulse energy to a particular point to get rid of the body. That's when Dead Harry acts as his conscience.

Dead Harry misses a lot of things. Tacos, the five senses, driving around with nowhere to go. Most of all, he misses Isabel. Harry wants to understand it. Dead Harry obliges. Harry feels hope, connected to everyone and everything. Dead Harry cries, telling Harry that he pulled him away from Isabel. Harry pushes him to the ground.

Asta calls. She's leaving work early. But Liv wants the foot. Harry told her he didn't know what happened to Dead Harry. It all flashes through Asta's mind.

Lisa threatens the kids to find out where Harry is. David lays it on the line. He's here to kill us all.

When Harry uses the device to dissolve Dead Harry, he's affected by it. Oh no. If he sets off the device, he's going to die, too. He really IS too human.

Ben and D'Arcy meet on a park bench along the street. He wonders if she's OK. Once upon a time, she was so happy. He says that feeling is what everyone loves about her. She reveals she's not. He's not either. But he never was. She had a chance. When she hurt her leg, that was it.

Ben thinks she's amazing. She's done so much with her life. She just wanted to matter, to make a difference to someone. He thinks she's smart and funny, while he's terrified of everything. He sees her as fearless, and he feels less scared. She seizes the moment, kissing him. He bolts.

Kate arrives in the living room just as Ben arrives outside and calls Mike and Liv. Kate's locked in a closet and Lisa wants to know who is in the white coat. Max says he'll tell them. Kate breaks out of the closet just as Ben attacks both of them with a lamp. Sharin' the Night Together plays as they beat the living shit out of Lisa and David.

Guess Ben got some courage after all.

Liv and Mike arrive, happy for the outcome because it's not often those things come with one. Mike says it was real hero shit. When Kate and Ben start making out, Liv and Mike get very uncomfortable.

Jay tells D'Arcy that Asta's her mother. Holy shit, D'Arcy says. You're the baby. D'Arcy thinks that's Asta's secret. Jay needs someone to talk to about it, and D'Arcy fits the bill.

Asta lays into Harry. She won't be his friend anymore. They are done, she says. Harry doesn't want her to leave him. She says not to tell her what to do. He realizes that she's the reason he feels the joy and the fury all wrapped up.

Harry cries for the first time, tasting his own tears. Now he returns to the device. he doesn't like this place anymore. He presses the button. They have 90 minutes.

Jay approaches Jimmy. She says if he ever touches Asta again, she'll kill him. Then Asta sends his car down the street. They laugh, but it's creating an accident, which isn't cool.

Max is fully dressed in bed. He calls Dan Twelvetrees. He needs help since Harry is going to kill everyone.

David and Lisa think Ethan is the alien. She strangles him until he's unconscious, and David puts a bag over his head. The black vans arrive. They're getting Ethan.

The general tells Lisa to get rid of David. So, now he's going to be on the run.

Mike and Liv are trying to figure out what's going on now with the latest evidence. He wonders if it's all coincidences. Nope. They don't believe in them.

Liv cannot believe it. Mike got her an espresso machine. She cannot stop squeezing him. She's absolutely thrilled.

Harry barrels through the door to his ship. Detonation in 17 minutes. He can use it to disable the others.

He'll fly away from here and drop the device onto the planet to finish his job. As he nears his ship, the army of people arrives. Somehow, Max and Asta are there. The soldiers or whatever shoot on the ship. Harry forgot the pizzas.

Harry arbitrarily manipulates the gun-toters with his fingers. He didn't see Asta and Max, but now they're hostages. In all his alien glory, he walks out of the ship. Ooh Child plays. Asta pleads with him not to do it. She says he's changed. His mission is to kill everyone. She pleads using herself as his cop-out.

She assures him they are friends, and she hugs him. He says then she'll come with him to his planet and they'll kill everyone on earth together. She's staying. Then he won't kill everyone. They'll miss each other. They have 80 seconds. Time to go.

He flies off, believing he understands humanity now. He needs to get home and hopes to forget everyone. But Max is in the ship.




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