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Harry is worried about finding dead Harry before someone else, but a fisherman just hooked a foot. Ew.

Harry has a huge to-do list, from killing Max, finding a dead Harry, and exterminating the human race to getting milk. He must not forget the milk.

He decides to study his craft instead. What is circumcision? Eye surgery? Nope. They are a savage people.

Once up, he's sure he has plenty of energy to climb the side of a mountain.

D'arcy is already on the mountain. They're preparing a controlled avalanche.

Harry has found a third piece of his device as the avalanche hits. He dives for cover and is safe, but everything he just uncovered is buried even higher now.

Harry cannot believe how these humans think they can thwart his plans. He goes down for a nap, and Kate knocks. This is some bullshit, he says.

Kate is there to discuss Max. Harry is rather thrown when Kate says Max told her he's an alien and he tried to kill him. Kate is embarrassed that Max ran out and that he's lying. Harry moves the knife and covers some of his experiments.

Kate shows Harry all of the pictures Max has drawn, and they make her want to throw up. Some people think humans are ugly, he says. Maybe they should move. It will make Max happy to move. Scotland needs mayors!

Asta is asked for some prescription pads, and she pulls them from Sam's former drawer, now Harry's.

She finds Harry staring at Jay, who is sleeping peacefully. He wants that so bad. He can't sleep and wants to learn how. Asta is worried that someone took a prescription pad. Harry can't turn his brain off to sleep.

Harry is needed at town hall. There is another dead body, this time at the lake.

Sheriff Mike is not impressed with the stank nature of the humid and cramped room. Everyone wants to know whose foot was found and whether they can touch it.

Ben says maybe it was just a hiker who got his foot torn off by a bear. Is there a killer bear in town??

Sheriff Mike says it's a good thing that they found that foot because it means there isn't a murderer on the loose, but a serial killer, and everyone knows that serial killers don't hide; they lie in wait. They're probably there right now! When Harry is asked if he wants to say something, he does. I am so scared!

Max is getting bullied at school, and so is a little Muslim girl. He helps her with her bag, and they have a sweet moment.

Harry is looking at the foot in a bucket. Liv thinks a propeller accident. She's got all the details. If he didn't have two feet, she'd think it was his! Haha. Funny. Hilarious person.

Asta finds him examining his foot to his foot, and Sheriff Mike wants the damn foot he stole.

Harry had a great idea about cutting a foreskin to use that as the tissue sample.

Kate sits next to Max in school. He's so embarrassed. He's all alone, which is bad enough, but his mom coming to lunch is a whole other level of cruel. He tries to pay her off with his own money. She persists in kissing him, and he's bullied again when she leaves.

But his new friend is there and joins him for lunch. She believes him about the alien.

Harry arrives home to a search team on his beach. He'd like them to take a break. Ben thinks it's overkill, and he's not paying for snacks. They aren't snacks, but real bison meat for the dog, which Ben says tastes like a gamey peanut.

D'arcy wants Asta to get out of her own head for a while. She takes Asta to the lake. She hopes that the guy who ghosted her is the one in the lake. And JT is having a party later, so there's that. They got out of town and chased their dreams, but reality chased 'em right back. I'm startin' to envy that body in the lake, D'arcy says.

Harry remembers when he wasn't afraid of anything. He looked like Woody riding a horse in the middle of nowhere.

Asta and D'arcy start dancing around the fire as they recall who Harry reminds them of and how they danced at prom.

Harry concocts a story about the body being his twin brother, Rodrigo, playboy, bad swimmer.

The dog fights Harry for the body. He takes it back to his house and into the basement while Asta and D'arcy arrive to get warm.

D'arcy keeps crushing on Harry. Then the girls go to a local club for a girl's night.

JT's place is filled with kids. They're called cougar and lady before they discover it's a high school party. D'arcy is dancing with a kid with braces before she figures it out for herself. JT has a son also named JT. Some kid asks them if they want to get high with a prescription that Sam wrote after he was dead.

D'arcy finds Jay there, passed out in a chair.

Asta remembers giving her daughter away to the people who live in Jay's house. Uh, Jay is her daughter.

Sheriff Mike and Liv follow the dog into Harry's basement. There is a lot of bison in his freezer. They discuss meat and what they like. Nothing to here, Sheriff Mike says. Dead Harry is under all of the meat.

Asta wonders why her dad is awake. Did he wake up? Scrambled eggs. He likes looking at her, seeing her happy. But she's not happy. It was a girl, she says. The baby was a girl. She thought she'd be better off without her, but what if she was wrong? What if that baby was supposed to be with her?

Dad says that's a bond that will never be broken. Their connection will bring them back together.

Harry and Asta were both buying locks. Max and his new friend are spying on Harry.

Harry has padlocks all over his house now.

Somewhere in New Mexico, a cowboy is talking with a couple of people about the alien they met. He got away with his horse and his hat. They're on the hunt for an alien. Harry in particular? The guy says he's writing a book, so the little lady grabs his bag and gets the book.

They have orders, but killing people isn't one of them.

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I am not alone up here. This is bad. I just felt my rear iris pucker and my testicles tighten. My taint remains unchanged.


Harry: Sleep. Another example of humans being weak and inefficient. Their bodies must shut down for eight hours every single day, or they don't work properly. Please be six am. Please be six am. [It's 3:46 am]

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