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The Richards adjust to Caleb's return and Bellamy tries to have Jacob's tomb exhumed. 

Jacob has a nightmare.

Caleb doesn't remember dying. He thinks he had amnesia.

Caleb was cremated, but he returned.

Caleb's son, Ray, doesn't believe the man who returned is his father.

Jacob wonders where all of his things have gone. Lucille kept them all in boxes, but decides shopping is the best option.

Henry and Fred both have a hard time believing the dead are returning.

Marty asks Maggie to be his unpaid deputy and work with him to exhume Jacob's body.

Lucille takes Jacob to play at the park, and everyone pulls their children from the game, starting with the lady who spit the cherry pits out in The Witches of Eastwick.

The Langstons aren't happy about unearthing Jacob's body. While Henry says no straight out, Lucille says to do it if they have to.

Marty asks Lucille to lie about who Jacob is for now so things can be easier for them.

Fred tries to figure out who was having the affair with his wife.

Caleb goes in for a checkup. His blood work shows he had a heart attack three days ago, which is when he says he woke up.

Elaine decides she'd rather have her dad back with his new attitude than know the truth, whatever it is.

Sheriff Fred tries to halt the exhumation and calls Marty a desk jockey.

Lucille asks Pastor Tom to talk to Jacob before he comes to any conclusions. He's hesitant.

Marty decides to go over the town's head and calls in a favor from someone who knows someone at the Department of Justice.

Elaine finds the suit jacket her father was buried in laying over a chair. She looks in the pocket to see if the letter she put into it before he was buried is in there. It's not.

Ray tries to tell Elaine Caleb isn't their father, but she doesn't want to hear it.

When Ray is talking to Elaine, he's smiling and acting fatherly. When she turns and walks away, his smile disappears. He goes into the woods and digs a giant hole. He recalls his heart attack while he started digging the hole. There is a face (?) in the hole.

Maggie meets with Fred to get some answers about her mother. She knew very little about her mother growing up. Marty walks in and Fred accuses him of trying to destroy the memory of his wife. Fred talls Marty to share with Maggie what he's been hiding from for the past five years.

Tom comes to see Jacob just in time to hook up a video game. When Lucille hears arguing, she runs in only to find them happily engaged in a video game.

Maggie goes to the man who was having an affair with her mother to ask if he was having an affair with her mother. He tells her he didn't leave her by the river. He waited with her until someone found her. He then goes inside and tells someone "She found us."

Ray is looking in his father's room and Caleb asks that they come to an agreement. Caleb looks inside his bible and pulls the letter Elaine put into his pocket in the casket out from between the pages of his bible.

Lucille decides to let Jacob be Jacob, damn what people think.

Caleb goes to talk to Jacob on the playing field. We don't know what he says.

Elaine and Marty open Jacob's tomb and the look of surprise on their faces gives away nothing.

Caleb walks up to a house. He knocks on the door and a man answers, he recognizes Caleb. Caleb says "everything's gone, isn't it?" and then he beats the guy over the head with a hammer.

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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Elaine: Is it really you?
Caleb: Who else would it be?

Now I know these clothes are clean, so I won't be happy unless you come home completely filthy.