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Victoria reads the papers as Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 begins, and Margaux continues using LeMarchal media to do what she can to quell the tide of negative publicity. She is unhappy to see that Victoria has teamed up with Louise. The women argue over Victoria before she asks them to stop. Louise takes her to lunch.

Jack has the headstone at Fauxmanda's burial plot changed to reflect her true identity. He did not invite Amanda along, but she shows up anyway. She and Nolan are working on a plan to recover the flash drive Victoria has and then Amanda's done with her revenging.

Nolan takes Tony to fashion week where they gawk at a runway show for a new suit for Tony. Nolan is sponsoring Tony's charity event and in exchange Tony is, apparently, giving Nolan advice about his friendship with Amanda. 

Victoria and Louise enter the parking garage where Victoria notices her car is missing. She sends Louise to look for it and while alone, she's attacked by a masked  person whom Victoria identifies as Emily. Her doctor makes a penthouse call and tells Victoria to take it easy. She wonders if she may have been mistaken about the person who attacked her but they know the person was looking for the flash drive. 

Louise urges Victoria to go to the police with the information she has about Emily but she refuses, believing that's what Emily wants her to do. When Nolan returns home, he finds Emily at his computer checking his security to see if the flash drive has been plugged in and located yet. They discuss the fact that he kept the drive to begin with and make up.

Stevie visits David to have forms signed which state that he is Amanda's father so that she can have Carl's birth certificate changed to reflect his actual parentage. David asks her to drop it and she tells him no.

Louise visits Margaux at LeMarchal to discuss Victoria. She offers Louise money to disappear from Victoria's life on the grounds that she doesn't like Louise. Louise breaks the news about Victoria's attack. Margaux calls her car and an FBI agent. 

Ben visits Amanda/Emily to talk. He confesses that he really likes her and she says she doesn't want to be the girl who puts him in the position of having to lie for her. She asks for more time and he agrees. Nolan calls and tells her that he heard a call between Margaux and Victoria which he believes indicates they're about to use the evidence.

David apologizes to Stevie and delivers the papers she asked for. He reveals that he has recently learned he has lymphoma. He hasn't told Amanda yet but plans to be aggressive with his treatment. 

Victoria listens as Margaux and the FBI agent argue over Victoria's statement and Amanda Clarke's stories. A fire alarm sounds and Victoria hands over the jump drive to the FBI agent before they evacuate, telling him not to let anyone get close to him. When they get to the lobby, the jump drive is gone.

Amanda visits David believing everything is over. When she tells him there are no more battles to fight, he decides not to tell her about the cancer and chemo. 

Nolan hosts a charity event for Tony's employer and Louise shows up to crash the party, ruining Tony's reputation with his boss in the process.  She's there to stand up for Victoria but Nolan sees it as an attempt to solicit a confession from him. He uses an app to reset her phone, rendering it useless.

Stevie offers to stick around the Hamptons so she can be there for Carl and Jack. She asks what his plan is and all he tells her is that he has one.

Victoria and Margaux say goodbye in an alley where Victoria waits for a delivery. She's sent a man to purchase her chair from Grayson Manor and plans to end things once and for all.

Jack visits Nolan at the bar to tell him he's quitting. And leaving the Hamptons. He's planning to move to Los Angeles with Carl and his mother. Nolan's first question is whether he's spoken to Emily. Jack believes Emily incapable of stopping her own war.

Stevie visits David at the beach house and finds out that he didn't tell Amanda about his diagnosis because she was so happy. Stevie tells him to keep fighting and hands over the number of a friend of hers, an oncologist. She gives him her number, too.

Nolan rushes to Amanda's to tell her that Jack's leaving town for good. Ben hears Nolan and Emily discuss her relationship with Jack and all its complications. 

Jack, Stevie, and Carl get to the airport when Jack gets a phone call from Emily. He turns his phone off instead of answering the call. Nolan sits at home when Tony returns his suit. He's relieved to learn that Tony isn't mad at him. 

Louise goes to Margaux when neither of them can get ahold of Victoria. They both know something isn't right with her, but neither of them know what. Margaux agrees to get past her history with Louise for Victoria's sake.

Victoria pays one last visit to Grayson Manor while Emily runs down the tarmac chasing after Jack's plane. She's too late to catch him but gets a visit from her old friend Mason Treadwell. 

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm terrified that everything is about to come undone because of me, and trust me, Ems, that is my nightmare because this has been the best part of my life. It's why I held on to that stuff. It's my infinity box. And it's why I still call you Ems when the rest of the world knows your real name. I hate that I failed you. I don't want to lose you.


Tony: Everything is fixable.
Nolan: Well, that's debatable.