Revenge Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Swear To Tell the Truth

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To prove they plan to keep us on our toes, the Revenge writers are bringing their A-game to this season. At least for the first two episodes. It might all fall apart next week, but hey, let's take our successes where we can get them, right? 

Revenge Season 4 Episode 2 was another excellent example of what Revenge is capable of being when all the pieces fall into place.

What does this puzzle look like, exactly? One juicy and fantastic hour of television!

It's the moment we've waited four seasons to see, you guys, but Charlotte Grayson Clarke (or whatever) has finally grown a spine and become someone interesting!

My notes from this episode read, and I quote "Charlotte Grayson is a terrible, pathetic brat" when she found out Gideon was cheating on her and then "CHARRRRLOOOOOTTTTTEEEEE!!!!" at the end. Give or take a few extra letters.

Because Oh. Ems. GEE!

Charlotte is completely out of her gourd this season and it's sort of amazing to watch. Finally, FINALLY the girl is getting interesting. 

For half a second it seemed like Charlotte was going to accept what Emily/Amanda said about being her sister and that there were reasons why she did what she did and she knew Charlotte would grow to accept that in time and blah blah blah and the Charlotte just went balls out nuts.

She whacked Emily in the head with a fire extinguisher and then set fire to the Stowaway. There's something great about that fire extinguisher-setting fire combo, I think. Almost like a symbolic middle finger to Emily for daring to think Charlotte could forgive and forget. 

It's like she said "Here's your forgiveness, bitch! I will knock you out with the thing that could save your life!"

Guess Jack doesn't need to go to the Stowaway to work on the electrical wiring now. Wonder if his insurance will fix it while he's hanging out with shirtless Ben in the locker room?

I'm not loving the Jack-becomes-a-cop storyline yet, guys. I think there's potential there, but I'm not loving it. Mostly because of the way scenes between he and Ben are written, I think? I can't quite put my finger on it. It's weird to me yet.

This was a very Emily-light episode as the other characters jumped to the forefront. Aside from Charlotte being insane, we had Daniel and Margaux planning a takedown of Gideon after learning that Gideon planned to take over LeMarchal.

Margaux cannot stand for that and it's one of the reasons I like her. And let's be clear, I do like her. She's strong but not Emily-strong. She's not afraid to do what needs to be done but typically wants to find a dignified way to do it. 

Unless she has to plant drugs on her brother to get him arrested in an International airline terminal and then, hey, all in a day's work. 

I've actually been pulling for a Daniel-Margaux hookup since she dropped her dress in his office way back when we first met her, so I was pretty excited to see that happen. (Hey, the writing for the character has come a long way since then, okay?)

Of all the pairings on the show, that one seems most natural. Daniel and Margaux both come from similar backgrounds. They both have parents who aren't exactly winning awards for being parents of the year. But beyond that, I think Margaux makes Daniel want to be a better person.

Sure, he's a snake when he needs to be, but in general, Margaux is good for him. There might be hope to see Revenge Season 1 Daniel again before this series ends, and really, would it be so bad if ONE of the characters was redeemed by the series end? Particularly since Daniel was really caught in the crossfire of all of this.

He'd done dumb and hurtful things before meeting Emily and getting caught in his parents' web, but those things weren't malicious or intentional. That poetry-loving guy is still in there somewhere.

Last but not least, we have the return of David Clarke and his reveal that he came back for Victoria and Charlotte. 

Good ol', Vee. Softening when she hears that the man who calls her the love of her life killed the single biggest pain in her ass and is willing to do it again to the second biggest pain if that's what it takes, nevermind that she knows she's asking him to attack his own daughter.

Victoria just shot up to the top of the most hated list. Skyrocketed to the very tip-top.

What did you think of Revenge Season 4 Episode 2? Were you shocked to learn that David Clarke is back for Victoria and Charlotte? Which Grayson child is the most evil now: Charlotte or Daniel? Remember, you can always watch Revenge online to catch up if you've missed an episode.

Here's your first look ahead to Revenge Season 4 Episode 3, "Ashes."

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I'm your sister, Charlotte. I'm Amanda.