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On Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 Emily and Ben wake up after spending the night together. 

Victoria meets with Margaux in a studio space and Victoria tells Margaux that her former father in law passed away and she's expecting to come into a large inheritance. Victoria asks if Margaux has dropped her vendetta against Emily and Margaux tells her not to worry. Then Victoria suggests she turn a room in her loft into a nursery for Margaux and the baby.

Ben runs into Jack in the locker room. Jack left so quickly after quitting that he didn't have time to clean out his locker. Ben blames himself for Jack's decision to quit the force. 

Margaux's private investigator reports back on Emily's night with Ben and Margaux reveals her plan to release the video of Emily and Jack discussing Agent Taylor's death. The secretary brings in quarterly reports while Margaux is holding her meeting.

Louise shows up to Nolan's house to tell him they're going to Italy. He's excited to jetset when he gets a phone call from Margaux's secretary who offers information about the meeting in exchange for money. Nolan tells her to do whatever it takes to get the video footage from Margaux's office and Nolan tells Louise he can't go to Italy.

Victoria meets with Edward Grayson's attorney and learns that she's getting his dogs and not his money. Edward's money is being left to his wife, Natalie, the new Queen Bee of the Hamptons. Victoria plans to challenge the will believing Natalie may have conned Edward seeing as how she was his nurse before his death.

Simone gets the video and sends it to Nolan who shows it to Emily. They both realize the gravity of preventing the video from getting out since it would destroy Jack and get to work. Margaux, meanwhile, has contacted the FBI following the hack in her office. The officer in charge tells her it sounds like an inside job.

Jack goes walking on the beach and finds sea glass which reminds him of his childhood with Emily. David spots him and they talk about David's new job prospects, Emily, and the future. David says the last time he remembers being happy was the summer he bought the beach house and began fixing it up. Jack reminisces about losing The Amanda and his plan to sail to Haiti. David reminds him that he and Amanda used to be inseparable and Jack looks up to see Emily's house in the distance.

Jack visits Emily and says they need to talk with plans to tell her how he feels, but before he can, Emily tells him about the video footage. She thinks he already knows and Nolan enters and says he hadn't been able to call yet. He watches the video with Nolan and Emily. Their plan is to break into her office and steal the computer but Jack decides that the best way to confront the issue is head on.

Louise is visited by her brother Lyman who has come to ask her to finance his campaign. He calls her marriage a sham and points out Nolan's absence before telling her he always comes out on top. It sounds like a threat.

Inside at the bar, Natalie and David meet as she's trying to sell the antiques from her husband's estate. She sells him a boat for the price of a drink. Victoria meets with an attorney who refuses to take on her case because Victoria can't afford to fight the will. Lyman pretends to overhear and then agrees to take on Victoria's case, but she doesn't agree to work with him unless he can find something useful about Natalie.

Margaux meets Jack and Carl and he begins his discussion with her by apologizing for the way they broke up. She acknowledges that she also did some things that weren't fair. He appeals to their similar situations of being single parents but doesn't actually tell her that he knows about the video.

Lyman uncovers dirt on Natalie, namely that she is no longer a nurse and hasn't been since she was accused (and guilty) of swindling a patient out of money. Victoria hires him. Louise surprises Nolan at home and doesn't seem to understand why he can't be there for her. She offers him a divorce and he tries to find a way to tell her what it is he does with Emily. She offers to help.

Ben runs into Emily while they're both working out and asks if she's seen Jack. Then he asks if she has plans that evening.

Margaux gets back into her limo and Simone is in the back seat. She's a double agent working for Margaux and they are setting a trap for Emily at LeMarchal. When Emily comes to steal the computer, the FBI will be waiting for her.

Emily rapels down the side of a building with Nolan as her hacker lookout. He guides her from the comfort of his own home. A pair of feet walk down the hallway and open a door. The lights go on inside the room and it's Louise and not Emily whom the FBI confronts. She pretends she was looking for a gym. Margaux tries to show the FBI agents the video and when she logs into the computer, the screen goes black.

Natalie holds court at the yacht club and while there she's served with papers. Spying Victoria at the bar, she knows who is behind it. Natalie confronts Victoria at the bar and tells a sob story about how much she loved her dead husband while all the other Hamptons housewives listen and others record it on their cellphones. Victoria buys none of it.

Margaux returns to her office to find Emily sitting behind her desk. Emily tells Margaux to play smarter and Margaux vows to find Emily's weak spot. Emily says she doesn't have one and compliments Margaux on her bracelet. Jack had Carl give it to her and it contained a gadget which erased her computer's hard drive.

Natalie visits David at the boat she gave him and he asks if it's true that she's a Grayson. After chatting, he invites her aboard.

Louise thanks Nolan for including her in the escapade and he begins to see more of their similarities. He vows to be there for her. 

Lyman visits Victoria, angry that she sent the papers to Natalie before he had a chance to prepare his case. She teaches him a lesson in fake sincerity.

Margaux is waiting for Ben when his shift ends. She has a picture of his ex-wife and Ben wants to keep April safe. 

When Emily returns home, Jack is waiting for her. He confesses his feelings and she turns him away.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Look, no one knows what the future holds, but if you're an optimist, that... just means that anything is possible.


Simone: I can't lose my job over this.
Nolan: Well, I'll get you a new one. Even if that means I have to start a magazine.