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Connor successfully gets the medicine from Truman, and then leaves the camp with Gene.Tom has been in solitary confinement and meets the President. The President discusses with Tom his plot to kill him, and tells Tom that with Monroe still alive puts him and his plans for Willoughby in a delicate spot. He needs Tom to hunt down and execute Monroe in exchange for Julia’s life..
Tom and Jason are sent to Willoughby, and Connor, Monroe, and Charlie head out to hire mercenaries in New Vegas. In Lubbock, Aaron is unsure of what to look for, but they soon find their old friend Peter who is now using the Nanites to heal the sick. Miles and Rachel have a date at an old drive in movie theater.Connor and Charlie have sex.
Tom and Jason pay a visit Rachel and Miles. Tom wants Revenge for the Patriots killing his wife. Charlie and Connor rob a casino while Monroe distracts the guards. Charlie is the diversion, but Monroe and Connor are captured.
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