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Jughead has placed an evidence wall in his home to figure out Hiram's master plan.

Betty asks Kevin to cam with Chic to learn more about her brother. He agrees and presses Chic to tell details.

The Lodges ask Fred to run for mayor of Riverdale. Fred considers the role and plans to mull it over.

Clifford Blossom left a secret will.

Hal Cooper wants a divorce from Alice. He's tired of fighting for Alice and dealing with Chic.

Hiram and Hermione ask Veronica to help Archie push his dad to run for mayor. Archie doesn't want his dad to be mayor. He tells Jughead the truth that Hiram bought the diner. He wants to use the information against Hiram.

Jughead thinks he's figured out Hiram's plan to buy out the properties.

Polly has returned home to Riverdale for the will reading. She brought her twin babies to meet her mother. She's surprised to meet her brother.

Cheryl asks Toni's help to pick an outfit for the will reading. Penelope breaks into the room and doesn't like that Toni will be attending the reading.

Veronica visits Archie after he blows her off in getting signatures. Archie is mad at Veronica for pushing the mayoral campaign and steering his family.

In Clifford's will, he leaves Thistle House to his Grandma Blossom, Thornhill to Penelope, and will divide his money to anyone with Blossom blood in their veins.

Pop Tate asks Jughead to not reveal that he sold the diner to Hiram. He doesn't want to break his mother's heart.

The remaining fortune will go to Cheryl. She delivers a speech to say that the horror and Blossom evilness will end. Clifford Blossom appears and Cheryl faints.

The man turned out to be Clifford's twin brother. He ran away as a kid when Clifford threatened to kill him.

Chic refuses to do a blood test to test his Blossom heritage.

Veronica doesn't want to get Archie involved in the Blossom business again.

Chic and Kevin webcam again, but Chic gets suspicious that Kevin is talking to someone else (i.e. Betty). Kevin refuses to help Betty with this again.

Archie asks for Josie's help in convincing Fred to not run for mayor. They get Sierra to give him the real truth of what it's like to be mayor.

Pop Tate tells Hiram that Jughead has been asking questions. Veronica lied and said that she told Jughead the truth. FP tells Jughead that Hiram hired the Serpents to lower the value of the drive-in lot.

Fred decides that he's running for mayor.

Betty goes digging in Chic's bathroom for DNA; she finds a hair strand. Chic creeps her out.

Jughead's secret source is Smithers.

Claudius Blossom decides to stay in Riverdale.

Chic takes the twins for a walk. Polly and Betty freak out he might hurt the twins, but he brings them back safe and sound.

Archie asks Hiram about the plans for the town. Hiram refuses to spill.

Polly plans to leave early. She wants to take the kids to San Francisco.

Jughead and FP chat with a prisoner about Hiram's secret plan. Principal Weatherbee refuses to publish Jughead's expose. Hiram reveals to Fred and Archie that he plans to build a prison on top of Southside High.

Fred backs out of the plan to run for mayor and leaves.

Hermione Lodge plans to run for mayor of Riverdale.

Penelope and Claudius conspire to get revenge on Nana Blossom and Cheryl.

Chic's DNA test revealed he's not who he said he was.

Hiram and Archie do a blood oath. Archie burns the booklet of information he's been writing about Hiram.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Claudius: The Lodges. How often I’ve dreamt of getting my revenge on them...
Penelope: Now, now, Claudius. First things first: Nana, then Cheryl.
Claudius: Of course, Penelope. Our house must be put in order.
[Cheryl overhears behind a wall]

Chic: What is this?
Betty: When you wouldn’t submit to the DNA test, I found some of your dental floss and sent it to the lab. Those are the results.
[He stares at the folder]
Betty: You’re not who you say you are, Chic. So, who are you?