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Archie and Vegas hide out in a cabin in the Canadian woods.

Cheryl and Toni work as cat burglars to steal from people in town. They say they love each other and hook up on the money.

A new school rule forces students to not touch each other. Seizures haven't happened for weeks.

Josie performs at La Bonne Nuit. The citizens find comfort at the club while the town moves through the motion.

Hannah, one of the kids from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, wakes up from a nightmare screaming. Betty lets them play Gryphons and Gargoyles to calm down. She discovers Fizzle Rocks; a boy named Tyler bought the rocks from an unnamed Southside Serpent.

Betty reveals to Jughead that she and Sierra are trying to get the Sisters to testify against Hiram.

Reggie drives over spikes set by the Gargoyles; they beat him up to get Hiram's take. Veronica cooks the books so that she'll only have to pay Hiram 5% of the earnings.

Archie is attacked by a grizzly bear. He contacts a nearby station for help and puts together a quick bandage to stop the bleeding.

Alice will allow the patients to stay at her house. The Sisters take a vow of silence to not testify against Hiram.

Hiram agrees to letting Veronica pay 10% of her earnings for protection.

Jughead decrees that he'll banish anyone from the Serpents who sells Fizzle Rocks.

Someone from the Gargoyles tries to hurt Josie.

Polly and Evenlyn try recruiting the kids for the Farm; they reveal that Fangs sold the drugs to the kids. Jughead gives Fangs a second chance.

Cheryl and Toni break into Hiram's home. They steal a Faberge egg, and Cheryl leaves a kiss on Hiram's painting.

Archie hallucinates Cassidy and his dead friends playing a game of Gryphons and Gargoyles. Archie agrees to play a game to get them to leave.

The case worker is having a hard town getting the kids adopted or fostered.

Veronica makes a business deal with Jughead to get the egg back in exchange for paying jobs.

In his hallucination, Archie stops The Black Hood and reunites with Warden Norton.

Sister Woodhouse and the nuns agrees to testify against Hiram Lodge in exchange for immunity.

Jughead kicks Cheryl and Toni out of the Southside Serpents after discovering they stole from Hiram, and he kicks Fangs out when he discovers that Fangs told Sweet Pea the truth.

Tyler saw the Gargoyle King and doesn't trust Betty anymore.

In Archie's hallucination, he picks up a mission card that says for him to kill Hiram. He stabs Hiram. Betty, Veronica, and Jughead appear for the next round.

Veronica rejects Hiram's deal.

Fred, Nana Blossom, Cheryl, and Sierra agree to house some of the kids before the trial.

Reggie and the Serpents ambush the Gargoyles during his next delivery. They plan to stand up against Hiram.

Edgar Evernever takes the kids to The Farm.

In Archie's hallucination, he's meant to kill a version of himself. Vision Fred urges him not to do it, but he does it so that they can be stronger.

Reggie and Veronica kiss after her performance.

Jughead offers Fangs a chance for redemption: he'll need to go undercover in the Gargoyles.

The Sisters' bail is posted by an anonymous donor; they return to the asylum. Betty discovers their bodies in front of the gargoyle statue. They committed suicide by drinking the blue drink.

The park rangers burst in to find Archie at death's door.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Veronica: Daddy made it very clear that if La Bonne Nuit was to continue operating in a post-quarantine Riverdale, I’d have to give him 10% of my earnings for the privilege.
Reggie: If you start paying him for protection now, you’ll never stop.
Veronica: But ... there are ways to minimize that price.
[Pop hands Veronica a ledger]
Veronica: Five percent feels fair. And once Daddy reviews these well-cooked books, he’ll be none the wiser.
[Reggie reads through the book]
Reggie: Has anyone ever told you, you’re a badass?

Archie: This isn’t real. You guys are all dead.
Cassidy: You keep saying that but then how are we here? Talking with you?
Archie: I’m dreaming. I must be, or I’m hallucinating from the loss of blood.
Cassidy: Or we’re here and this is real?
Archie: No, I went to juvie after being framed for your murder.
[Archie points at Cassidy’s three friends]
Archie: I found you three in mines after Sheriff Maneda gunned you down.
Hiram: If what you say is true, and we are dead, then it sounds like it’s all your fault. If you ever want to return to “Eldirvare,” you’re gonna have to play ... and win. Come on, one round at least?
Archie: One round.