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Archie survived the bear attack and loss of blood. He returns back to Riverdale since he's tired of running. Archie visits home and reunites with Fred.

Archie has a tender reunion with Veronica. They makeout in La Bonne Nuit.

It's revealed that Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe was shut down during the quarantine. Jughead reveals to the group that Fangs throws undercover with the Gargoyles.

Betty will help Archie study for the SATs. Her debit and credit cards are declined; she discovers that Alice donated ALL her money (including tuition and inheritance) to The Farm.

Fred and FP threaten Hiram Lodge.

Principal Weatherbee recommends Archie to repeat his junior year.

Veronica brushes off Regie in the Riverdale High hallway. She doesn't want Archie to find out they hooked up while he was gone.

Sierra McCoy reveals that Alice donated Betty's money with agreement from Hal Cooper. Betty believes it to be a forgery and will need to get the truth from her dad.

Hiram nominates Claudius Blossom as the next sheriff of Riverdale.

Archie is bombing his studying for the SATs. Betty has an idea to get him up to speed. She gets him to dye his hair back to red.

Fangs has achieved the approval of the Gargoyle King. He's been invited to the next meeting of the Gargoyles.

The group throw Archie a welcome home party. While Veronica is singing on stage, Archie gets flashes of his vision quest. He leaves mid-performance from the frustration.

Betty visits Hal and he reveals that he didn't sign the financial release. He will help Betty get her money back if she brings him the manual for Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Reggie warns Veronica that Archie isn't the same as before. They get into an argument in the locker room.

Hiram bought the Sisters of Quiet Mercy asylum. He demands that Hermione appoint Claudius as the sheriff for the betterment of the town.

Hal reveals that he was the one who sent the invites to The Midnight Club, set up the challenges, and poisoned the goblets that killed Principal Featherhead. He was the original Gargoyle King during The Midnight Club's time. He wanted to kill all those "sinners." It's also revealed Alice visits Hal every Monday.

The Serpents swarm the Gargoyles' meetup and discover that Tall Boy is the man behind the Gargoyle King mask. He was hiding out in Athens after being banished. Tall Boy killed Joaquin and he broke into Betty's/Alice's house to terrorize them.

Alice is prepping for a local news station interview. She reveals that she never visited Hal.

Reggie accidentally let it slip that he hooked up with Veronica to Archie.

Tall Boy, while being held by gunpoint, lies to Hiram about having Archie in his possession.

Penelope Blossom is the one pretending to be Alice Cooper and visit Hal. Hal lied about being the Gargoyle King; he just wanted to see Betty again.

FP, Fred, Archie, and Jughead make a citizen's arrest when Claudius Blossom arrives at the meetup.

Veronica confesses the truth to Archie; she's so apologetic. She needs to have a serious chat with him, but they hookup instead.

Riverdale High begins their SAT testing. Archie leaves the classroom after being frustrated over not knowing the answers; he punches a mirror.

Hiram is shot by a mysterious shooter.

Alice got the job at the local news station, and The Farm bought the asylum location at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. The Farm used Betty's money to do it.

Hiram survived the gunshot wound. Veronica thinks Archie did it since he left the SATs around the same time. Veronica and Archie break up for good.

Fangs shot and killed Tall Boy when he tried to escape. Jughead wants to throw a party.

Claudius Blossom is found dead in his jail cell.

Hermione tells FP that "it's time."

Betty visits Hal to have some reassuring guidance. She doesn't trust Alice since she gave away her future.

Reggie visits Veronica and Hiram in the hospital.

Fangs and Sweet Pea freak out over trying to keep the secret. Jughead demands that they keep it together. FP is made the new sheriff in town.

Archie trains in his room to keep up his strength. He'sdrinking from a bottle.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Betty: No one else understands what she’s capable of. No one but you. She just gave my money away, Dad. Mom gave all my money. Like my education meant ... nothing.
Hal: It means everything. And I’m sorry, Betty. But here’s the good news. Betty, you’re gonna have colleges lining up to give you scholarships. Weren’t the SATs this weekend?
[Betty slowly nods]
Hal: How did you do?
Betty: Pretty good, I think.

FP: We all thought you were dead, Tall Boy. Where were you hiding?
Tall Boy: A small town called, “Athens.” I gotta say, it’s good to be back. And Alice Cooper, she was looking extra sweet the night me and my boys broke into her house to scare the c*** out of her and her b**** daughter. That was fun.
[Jughead punches him]
Jughead: Alright, let’s cut to the chase. We know you’re working for Hiram. You’ve been dressing up in that little costume, have his mask on. Now you [Jughead pushes his finger to Tall Boy’s head] are gonna help us take him down.
Tall Boy: You know what else was fun? Carving that simpleton Joaquin’s forehead after I killed him.