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Jughead, Sweet Pea, and Fangs lie to FP about letting him leave town. FP doesn't believe them; Tall Boy's body is hiding under the bed.

Betty believes Claudius' death is a murder; the paper is saying that he committed suicide. She thinks that Penelope Blossom is the culprit. Hal convinces her to chat with Cheryl about the night her father died.

Archie searches for a sense of purpose. He asks to work on the construction yard, but his rage clouds his judgment. He gets kicked off the crew after pushing his boss.

Elio brings flowers to offer his condolences. He warns that someone might try to finish the job and sweep in to take his place.

Veronica hires Jughed to investigate who shot her father. She thinks the first suspect is her mother, Hermione.

Hermione reveals to Jughead that she hired Minetta to investigate her husband. She found out that Hiram was having an affair. She has a clear alibi during the time of the shooting.

Fred finds Archie's bottle of alcohol.

Betty crashes Claudius' funeral. Cheryl believes her father committed suicide after the Jason Blossom revelation.

Veronica fires her father's capos after they tell her to join with Elio's father. She rallies Smithers and Reggie together to plan a course of attack.

Jughead and Betty discover a secret sex club, "The Maple Club," run by Penelope Club. Hiram's mistress doesn't work there, but she drops by. They interrogate Penelope about her alibi during the murder.

Archie gets drunk at La Bonne Nuit and security removes him. Josie takes him back home to clear his head for a cold shower.

Veronica, Reggie, and Smithers runs a con to make people believe the Man in Black is back.

Dr. Kurtle jr. checks the toxicology report to find out that Clifford Blossom was dead by poison before he was hung.

Josie tells Archie that he needs to face his demons and pull himself together.

Veronica discovers that Hermione's name was on everything involving Fizzle Rocks. Hermione originally called on the quarantine so that Hiram and Claudius would shut down the facility, but Hiram betrayed her. Hermione has a buyer to get rid of all the Fizzle Rocks.

Penelope Blossom is revealed to have poisoned Clifford, Darryl Doily, and Claudius. She did it because the men were involved in hurting people. Penelope knows about Betty letting Chic almost be killed by Hal; she won't turn Betty in if Betty does the same.

Clifford's production of Fizzle Rock caused all of the seizures. Run-off from the manufacturing plant seeped into the river and caused the seizures.

The water inspector, Ms. Mulwray, has the glamberage egg from Hiram. Jughead deduces that Hiram was faking water test reports.

Jughead and Sweet Pea find out Hermione is having an affair with Sheriff Minetta. They overhear them plotting to frame FP for a crime. Hermione forced the coroner to lie about the Minetta's dead body.

Archie sneaks into the hospital and stands over Hiram's body with a gun. Before Archie is able to pull the trigger, someone sneaks in. He shoots the attempted shooter.

FP is revealed to have shot Hiram Lodge. Hermione teamed up with FP to attack Hiram as revenge for everything.

FP makes up a lie that Tall Boy was Hiram's shooter and died in a scuffle. He forces Hermione to agree to that story on camera for a news story with Alice Cooper.

Veronica is onto her mother's game. She wants to stop her from profiting off the sale of Fizzle Rocks.

Hiram and Archie make a truce.

Reggie and Veronica burn all of the Fizzle Rocks.

Archie thanks Josie for helping him out. Archie will hold boxing lessons with Mr. Keller, and he'll sing again with Josie.

Hermione paid off the governor to keep their family name clean. Her buyer will come to collect their money back.

Hermione admits the truth to Jughead since his father is equally at fault in the crime.

Hermione kills Minetta to tie up loose ends.

Hermione doesn't want to know who shot her father.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Elio: From my family to yours.
[Veronica looks at the bouquet of flowers]
Veronica: While I love a grand gesture, Elio, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
Elio: These are for your father. I heard he was still in the hospital and I wanted to come here personally to let you know I’m praying he pulls through.
Veronica: Well, to paraphrase Samuel Clemmons: “Reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Veronica: I’ve got a job for you, Jones. I want you to find out who shot my father.
[Veronica drops a wad of cash. Jughead looks through it]
Veronica: You’ll get the other half when you give me their name.
Jughead: This is a big job. Look, half the people in this town want to see your old man kick the maple bucket. No offense.
Veronica: None taken. I’ll give you your first suspect: my mother.