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Archie and Jughead are on the road. They spot a nearby farm and go to ask help until a girl holds a shotgun up to them.

Laurie and Gracie Lake agree to give them food and water; theirfather and brother are in town working a job. Archie and Jughead will help with farm work to repay the help. Jughead doesn't trust the farm.

Archies moves bales of hay while Jughead explores the nearly abandoned town, Athens. There are strange symbols of the Gargoyle King plastered around.

An old woman warns Jughead that the symbols connect to the epidemic of the Fizzle Rocks.

Laurie gives Archie a shave and they kiss. He stops because he still misses Veronica. Archie comes clean to Laurie about his name and the reason he ran away from Riverdale.

Jughead spots grafitti in the shape of the Gargoyle King. He finds three girls play Gryphons and Gargoyles; their older brothers taught them. The men in town left to work at the prison and help with the creation of Fizzle Rocks.

The girls reveal that Gracie and Laurie work for Hiram. Laurie gives Archie some food and knocks him out with a frying pan.

Hiram arrives to go after Archie; Jughead unties Archie. Archie wants to stay and fight Hiram. He plans to surprise and kill him; they decide to run away instead.

Laurie kidnapped Archie to repay her brother's and father's debts.

Veronica moves out of her house. Veronica shows Hermione the newspaper that reveals Sheriff Minetta has gone missing. Veronica stays at La Bonne Nuit instead.

Veronica wants to turn her speakeasy into a real casino. She needs to do something to start making some real money. Elio agrees to her deal.

Hiram pleads with Veronica to not host the casino night.

Elio is on a winning streak. Reggie and Veronica believe he's cheating. She tries to get him to cash out but he wants to bleed her dry.

Veronica risks the deed to her diner/bar in a high-risk game of Blackjack with Elio. He agrees and she wins the hand.

It turns out that Hiram warmed Veronica hours earlier that Elio planned to steal her money. She hired the dealer to help her cheat.

Pop Tate begs Veronica to not act like her father. He tells her that Sheriff Minetta's body was found in the lake; the head and hands were sawed off.

A nun makes Betty look at ink blot painting for her psychological evaluation. She lies about the dark things she sees in hopes of being freed.

The Sisters of Quiet Mercy are giving the patients Fizzle Rocks to keep them controlled.

Ethel is Betty's roommate. Ethel has been having conversations with the Gargoyle King. Sister Woodhouse is in charge of choosing patients to go to the chapel to meet the Gargoyle King.

Ethel lies about hooking up with Jughead.

Betty sees Claudius Blossom delivering maple syrup to the orphanage. Hiram (aka. the Man in Black) arrives to meet with the nun.

Betty hears a scream behind chapel doors. A girl is being dragged away by Sister Woodhouse.

Betty starts an argument with Ethel and fakes a seizure to get into the infirmary. She finds her file and discovers that Hiram has been using the patients as test subjects for Fizzle Rocks.

Betty tries to escape through the same "X" door, but Sister Woodhouse and Ethel ambush her. They forced feed her Fizzle Rocks and dragged her to the chapel. Something scares her inside the chapel.

Sister Woodhouse conducts the same inkblot test from earlier. Betty has now been brainwashed.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Archie: Look, Jug, maybe you should go back?
[Jughead gives Archie a surprised look]
Archie: I’m fine. Really, dude, I’m going to be fine.
Jughead: Archie, no offense but Betty took down a serial killer last year. You can’t go for five minutes without being kidnapped or getting the c*** kicked out of you. And that was before you were marked for death by Hiram Lodge.

Dealer: Twenty-one. Ms. Lodge wins.
Elio: That ... that’s impossible.
Veronica: Why, Elio? “The house always wins.” Isn’t that what they say?