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Jughead tells Betty about his experience meeting the Gargoyle King. There were followers with gargoyle masks over a bonfire; Archie thinks one of them was Joaquin.

Alice tells Betty about the warden's G&G-style death.

Veronica and Archie spend quality time together in the bunker. He wants to leave the bunker to search for Cassidy's friends; he thinks they're hiding out in the mines. She tells him not to because of the manhunt.

Sheriff Maneda interrogates the Riverdale High students in class for Archie's whereabouts. Sheriff Maneda pressures Josie; she suffers a seizure in class.

Warden Norton was the RROTC head when the adults were students in high school.

Betty plans to bring all the parents together to get the truth. Jughead is going to rally the Serpents to find Joaquin. Jughead, Sweet Pea, and Fangs team up to search for Joaquin.

Archie's wound is infected. Betty tells Kevin and Archie to go see the mortician.

Betty sent invites to the parents pretending to be the Gargoyle King. All of the adults arrived at Veronica's speakeasy.

FP revealed he saw the Gargoyle King costume as a teen. Hermione accuses Penelope of being the game master who poisoned the goblets; Penelope, in turn, blames it on Darryl Doily for being in love with her.

Darryl told Penelope the truth about the poison when they were married with families. Darryl committed suicide the following day.

FP handcuffs Jughead to keep him from playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. He plans to sober up Jughead from the game. Betty later frees him.

After getting the wound stitched up, Archie and Kevin plan to visit Shadow Lake.

Veronica notices the surveillance footage of the witness testimony has been edited. Hiram walks in and gets suspicious; he calls his minions to clean up the loose ends at the lake.

Ten minutes worth of footage is missing from the interrogation footage. Veronica plans to get it from the mayor's office.

Veronica breaks into her mother's computer and finds a video of Sheriff Maneda bribing a witness. She emails it to herself. The secretary and authorities take her away.

Joaquin tells the group that Archie had been marked as a sacrifice; the Gargoyle group plots to kill him. Jughead accuses Hiram of being the Gargoyle King and controlling the people of Riverdale.

Veronica is behind bars. She calls Fred Andrews to warn him about Maneda killing the witness and getting her a lawyer.

Doctor Curtle reveals that Darryl Doily died of oliander; he thinks the murder was masked as a suicide. She interrogates Sheriff Keller for the truth since he hid the facts.

Sheriff Keller hid Darryl's true cause of murder to protect the Midnight Club.

Archie and Kevin investigate Shadow Mines. They find the witnesses dead, except for one person still clutching to life.

Jughead finds Joaquin murdered at the Serpents area.

The remaining witness dies in the hospital; he lost too much blood. Archie is ready to throw in the towel since his entire life has changed.

Betty interrogates Penelope about growing oliander in her garden. Penelope claims she's smarter than using an item that leaves traces; she insinuates that Alice covered up the murder with her article.

The lights go out at the Cooper house. The Gargoyle King and its minions break in to torment them; they rush upstairs to find Darryl Doily's skeleton and tombstone on Betty's bed.

Archie left Fred a note.

Veronica and Sierra McCoy share the hidden evidence with the court to get Archie's case overturned. Veronica doesn't care if Hermione and Hiram get in trouble.

Alice plans to go to the Farm to hide. Alice commits Betty to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Archie has been exonerated. He isn't coming home, especially with Hiram around to cause him hell. He says his goodbyes to Veronica over the phone.

Both Jughead and Archie leave Riverdale together.

Betty goes to the orphanage and sees all the kids painting pictures of the Gargoyle King.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Archie: Ronnie, when I first met you … you were it for me. Everything I could ever wanted. I saw our whole future.
Veronica: Because we’re endgame, Archie.
Archie: I hope you know how much I love you.
Veronica: If you loved me, you would come home.
Archie: God, Ronnie, you know in your heart that I’m right about this. It just hurts to admit it.
Veronica: Don’t you make me say goodbye, Archie Andrews, because I don’t wanna hear it back. I can’t. I can’t.
[She drops the phone, cries, and Kevin consoles her]

Joaquin: From the moment he was locked up, he was already marked.
Jughead: Marked with what?
[Jughead draws a symbol on his palm]
Jughead: This symbol? The warden branded on Archie’s hip … what does it mean?
Joaquin: No…
Jughead: Pick him up!
[Sweet Pea and Fangs lift up Joaquin to the tree]
Joaquin: Sacrifice. It means … it meant that Archie had to die. I’m sorry, Jug, I know he was your pal.
Jughead: Oh, Archie is alive, Joaquin.
Joaquin: Then it won’t be for long.