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Toni reveals that there's an invisible barrier around the town keeping people from getting out. However, people can enter the barrier from the outside.

Jughead's portal powers can only transport within the barrier. Tabitha's powers only revealed that every universe and dimension is facing the same Bailey's Comet instance.

The group thinks that only Archie and Baby Anthony will survive the crash since they're immortal. Heather and Cheryl think they might be able to ask someone for help about the comet and barrier.

Alice apologizes to Polly and Betty for how she acted to them as their mother. Polly and Betty say they love Alice.

Reggie gives Veronica the painting of Hiram Lodge.

Alexandra Cabot has returned to Riverdale to tell Tabitha that she has a franchise deal. She's taken over a diner chain and wants to rebrand them to Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Tabitha is overwhelmed, but she needs time to think.

Anthony gets a tattoo of the Southside Serpents. Toni and Fangs tell Anthony that he's the Serpent King and he'll need to look over the group when they die.

Cheryl and Heather conjure Abigail Blossom for help against the comet. Abigail agrees to help; she tells them that Tomissina told her that Bailey's Comet is made of ice. Abigail states that Cheryl could use her phoenix power to melt it, but it would take all her strength.

Abigail wants a deal from Cheryl and Heather for giving them information.

Cheryl brings the Riverdale gang together to reveals the twist: melting Bailey's Comet will use up all her phoenix powers permanently. However, once she uses all of it, there's a chance that one or a few of the people she resurrected with her powers will die. Archie, Jughead, Fangs, Toni, Dagwood, Nana Blossom, Alice, Frank, and Tom Keller are at risk.

Cheryl tells Toni that the second part of Abigail's deal is that Abigail wants to spend a night with Tomissina. Their souls will be taking over Cheryl and Toni's bodies.

Mary Andrews returns to Riverdale to tell Archie that she's getting a divorce from Brooke.

Veronica kisses the painting of Hiram Lodge and it decays from her poison.

Archie asks Veronica to get him a diamond engagement ring for Betty. She has the perfect option for them.

Jughead reveals he never watched Titanic.

Toni agrees to Abigail's spell. Toni and Cheryl are transformed into Tomissina and Abigail. Abigail and Tomissina spend a night making love.

Archie proposes to Betty. She hesitates and tells Archie that he doesn't have to put so much pressure on himself to be a hero. Betty tells Archie he needs to propose after they stop the comet and everyone survives.

Cheryl and Toni wake up the next morning in bed. Neither remembers anything that happened the night before under possession.

Abigail presents a pile of knots and ropes to Cheryl. If Cheryl can untangle all the ropes/knots, the barrier will be destroyed.

Agent Drake tells Betty that the FBI wants her to lead the serial killer unit. Betty is hesitant because she doesn't want that past to define her life. She tells Agent Drake that she's declining because it's what she wants for her life; she wants to find the light.

Veronica wants to go on a shopping spree in Paris with Katy if she survives. Reggie wants to get a dog. Veronica says that if they survive the comet, Reggie can own the Babylonium completely and she'll focus on the absinthe.

Veronica is happy that she's single. She wants a hard reset in her life to focus on her priorities, her career, and her rebuilding her friendships.

Jughead and Tabitha finish watching Titanic. Jughead makes Tabitha promise that if they survive the comet, she'll agree to Alexandra's deal to make the diner national. Tabitha wants Jughead to take her on one final epic date.

Tabitha uses her powers to spend one glorious minute with Jughead. The powers showcase a long life between Jughead and Tabitha where they have kids, raise a family, and live old together.

Archie tries breaking through the barrier. Mary confronts Archie because she's learned the truth about everything. She doesn't blame Archie for getting trapped; she encourages him to do what's best for his life and the town.

Veronica has an epiphany about how she can save her friends.

Tabitha signs the deal for the expansion.

Heather tells Cheryl that if they survive the comet, she'll be heading back to Greendale. She knows that Cheryl and Toni are soulmates and that they'll eventually get together.

Archie comes to terms that he has a hero complex. Betty proposes to Archie because she wants to be with him. Archie agrees.

Veronica believes that her poisonous dialysis machine ability could suck the powers of everyone. She'll absorb the abilities into herself before transporting them to Cheryl. She believes all the abilities together will heighten Cheryl's ability and not kill everyone.

Veronica absorbs the powers from everyone and she transports the abilities into Cheryl through a kiss. Veronica points a gun at Cheryl and shoots; Cheryl starts seeing aura, she's invulnerable, make portals, she can hear thoughts, and all the abilities.

Anthony is scared while waiting in the bunker with Toni and Fangs. Toni and Fangs start singing to Anthony; everyone begins a rendition of "5 More Minutes." Tabitha, Jughead, and Pops are together in their apartment. Archie and Betty are in bed together. Veronica and Reggie are together in her apartment. Kevin is with Moose. Heather is at her alter. Cheryl is outside the diner ready to use her powers.

Cheryl performs the spell to channel her phoenix ability. Bailey's Comet nears the town.

Jughead's voiceover reveals that Cheryl's powers worked and saved the town. Everyone was transported back to an earlier time in 1955. Jughead remembers everything that happened before the comet.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

Oh my god! Sorry, Daddy, I just figured out a way to save my friends!


Veronica: Don’t worry, Cheryl. I will be transferring our powers to you via a kiss.
Cheryl: A, that’s queer-baiting. And B, won’t your poison kiss kill me?
Veronica: A, it’s not queer-baiting; it’s saving the world. And B, pretty sure your phoenix power trumps my poison power.