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Doug Russell storms into Magic City Lab with a briefcase full of cash asking Rosewood to perform an autopsy, on himself. Doug fears that in 24 hours, someone will kill him, and he wants the best pathologist to help figure out the cause of his mysterious death.

It turns out that Doug was correct, and in less than 24 hours, Rosie and Villa discovered Doug's lifeless body inside of Doug's bakery.

According to Doug's estranged wife, Jillian, she sacrificed Doug to Orisha, because she couldn't stand Doug any longer. In fact, those close to Doug actually hated the guy.

Villa and Rosie race to discover what or who is actually responsible for Doug's sudden death. Was it a scorned lover? Or was there something else?

Pippy finally has a face to face meeting with Pippy that may have changed her views on the Donna and Gerald situation. 

Rosewood goes on a date with the waitress from his new favorite restaurant, Tanya. They hit things off pretty well.

Like Tanya and Rosie, Villa and the new Medical Examiner, Adrian may also be in the midst of hitting things.

Slade and Hornstock have somewhat of a heart to heart after Hornstock learns shocking news regarding Slade.


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Rosewood Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

So is that your move? You just go around reading people's bodies?


Thank God mom can swim, cause she's gone off the deep end.