The Cold Case - Rosewood
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Rosewood and Villa join forces with a group of medical students to help them solve a cold case. 

High school soccer players Elena and Misty had a love/hate relationship with one another. When both of the girls were found dead in the middle of the woods, no one knew what to think.

Did the two girls fight each other together? Or was there some other kind of foul play involved in their deaths?

Ironically, the cold case Rosewood and Villa are working on was the crime Gerald Kelly is accused of doing. Yes, the Gerald that Donna has been visiting in prison.

Gerald was Misty and Elena's soccer coach. He's had criminal trouble in the past. Could he be the true culprit of the horrendous murders of two girls?

Now team Rosewood and Villa, along with help from the medical students, have to figure out if Gerald is a guilty man or not.

Villa takes Rosewood's advice about finding her happiness and decides to take Adrian up on his offer for a date.

Rosewood has a little bonding time with Tanya's daughter, Kayla. Could things be getting serious between Rosie and Tanya?

Pippy and TMI have an awkward moment when discussing their new dating lives.


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Rosewood Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You deserve to be happy. There's no reason why that happiness shouldn't start now.


Rosewood: It's Disney World. Who doesn't like Disney World?
Kayla: It's for little kids.