Power Surge - Roswell, New Mexico
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Max and Michael fight it out, but Noah manages to overpower them both and heads straight to the Crashdown Cafe.

Max manages to harness his powers, communicates with electricity and sets out to take Noah out of the equation for good.

In doing so, he finds Liz is in trouble again.

Max ultimately kills Noah, but not before he tells Isobel to look out for "her." Isobel tells him that she never loved him and he gets mad.

Isobel and Michael find Rosa's body inside one of the pods, and wonder what to do.

In the end, Max revives Rosa from the dead, but it kills himself in the process, leaving Liz with the return of a loved one and the death of another.

Noah told Max before he died that he was a savior who was on the run from another alien race. Noah's plan was to trap the trio and use them for a ride home.

Michael picks Maria over Alex and Maria is fascinated when she realizes that his hand has been fixed.

Isobel worries that her future is less than secure after marrying a crazy person. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Max: Listen to me, Michael. There is nothing Noah has to say that is worth keeping him alive.
Michael: I have family, Max. I had a mother. I saw her. She's been a few miles away our whole lives. In some prison being tortured called Caulfield. And we never knew.
Max: How?
Michael: There are survivors from the 1947 crash. There were survivors. They all just got flambéed on the order of Alex Manes's father.

Michael: If there's any chance Noah knows anything about this, we have to take that chance.
Max: Think about what he did to Isobel. Whatever you saw out there, I am so sorry, but Noah is not the answer you're looking for.
Michael: No, he's not, but mom was. He's all we got. He's weak. He's weak. He'll never be able to stand up to both of us if we work together. Keep our guns on him, give him the antidote we torture the information out of him.
Max: That's too risky. We are minutes away from this guy being a bad memory.