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In a flashback, Liz and Max lay in bed together and talk about what happens next. Liz promises she's not leaving him. 

Back in present day, Liz sobs over Max's dead body while Rosa watches in confusion. 

There is a two week time-jump. Liz accepts her job offer and prepares to leave Roswell. 

Isobel speaks at Noah's funeral. She and Michael have kept Max's death hidden. 

Lost in his grief, Michael has ignored Maria without giving her an explanation. 

Liz worries about Rosa when she has trouble waking her up from a nightmare. She asks Kyle to run some tests on her, and he discovers that all of her physical injuries have been healed. 

Alex tries to give Michael information he found on his mom, but Michael doesn't want to hear it. Michael tells Alex that he's done with him because they're not healthy for each other. 

Isobel tries to strengthen her abilities to bring Max back. Michael shows Isobel an ultrasound of Max's heart, which is completely shredded. 

Liz and Rosa leave town and stop at a motel for the night. Liz breaks down crying in the bathroom. 

Michael kisses someone at the bar in front of Maria and gets into a fight with the girl's boyfriend. 

Liz realizes that Rosa is seeing Noah in her dreams because she still has a psychic connection to Max. This means there could still be oxygen in his brain cells and that there's hope of bringing him back. 

Alex and Kyle go to the morgue to get Noah's body for a heart transplant. Alex's brother gets there first and tries to bring Noah to Area 51. Liz and Rosa see him on the road and stop him. 

Michael and Maria get into a fight. Michael claims that he doesn't want Maria to hold out hope for something that might not turn out well. 

Liz and Kyle dissect Noah's body. 

Rosa tells Liz she doesn't understand why God would bring her back to life and let Max die. Liz explains to Rosa that she's going to bring Max back to life. 

When Noah won't stop haunting her, Isobel performs an ultrasound on her stomach and is startled by what she discovers. 

Maria's mom disappears. 

Rosa sees Max in her dream and he says that she needs to do whatever it takes to stop Liz from bringing him back to life.

Roswell, New Mexico
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