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Alex helps Liz find a secret lab where they can try and save Max. 

Isobel discovers that her baby is now the size of a lentil. 

Rosa sneaks out of the house to do graffiti. Max comes to her in another dream and begs her to stop Liz from bringing him back to life. 

Michael wants to help Maria find her mom. He beats up a guy who uses a missing poster to wipe gum off his shoe and ends up in jail. 

Kyle and Alex wake up Alex's dad from his coma. 

Isobel and her mom go to a meditation class led by Maria. They are asked to write down their greatest fear and Isobel writes, "the lentil."

Rosa realizes that the town hates her. Kyle tells her the truth about what Max and Michael did the night she died. 

Liz ends up in jail with Michael after a police officer catches her with spraypaint next to Rosa's graffiti.

Maria tells Isobel to put her fear in the bonfire and let herself go. 

Alex offers to help Michael find his mom, but he turns him down because he wants to be with Maria. 

Liz is questioned about Max's disappearance before she is let go. Because she couldn't make it back in time for her experiment, she has to trash it. 

Rosa and Liz get into a fight about what Max did and Rosa takes off. 

Michael camps out in the parking lot of the bar to help Maria. He apologizes to her and they kiss and makeup . 

Isobel puts a drop of alien poison in her mouth, hoping to get rid of the baby. 

Alex's father starts seizing and his brother runs to get a doctor. 

Rosa dreams about Max again and starts drinking to make it stop. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Look, I just...I like when you're happy. Or singing. Or giving me crap. Or laughing. Especially, laughing. I don't want you to hate me, DeLuca.


Michael: I like Maria, okay? I like being around her. Don't think she likes being around me much, right now. So, maybe this is pointless.
Alex: I get it. You know, honestly, if I could choose to be with Maria DeLuca I would, too.