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Inside Maria's mind, Jones searches for a memory, but Maria has him locked away.

After realizing that the sword allows Jones to be charged up, Liz, Michael, and Isobel develop a plan to dose Jones with the alien inhibitor so they can separate Jones and the sword.

Isobel influences the deputy to find Jones, and he does just before he was about to kill a man to harness more power.

Ramos takes Alex to a barn where he tells him what happened the night of the break-on at Max's. He then brings him to Kyle, who is hooked up to machines inside.

Rosa goes to Michael for help with her new power. He realizes she can hear specific frequencies and would be able to help them find the sword.

Liz and Isobel lure Jones to Wild Pony, where Gregory is holding a fundraiser for Maria. While there, Rosa hears Jones and leads Isobel and Michael to the sword. Liz stays behind with Jones, who suggests they leave and research Jones's DNA to help Maria.

Ramos tells Alex more about the Lockhart machine, including that it was found at Caulfield. He eventually leaves Alex with a Caulfield folder that he'd withheld from him, which shows the Lockhard activation date of March 11, 1969.

At Max's, Jones admits to Liz he knew he was being played all day. Liz tries to make a run for it, but he stops her. Eventually, Isobel and Michael come, and it's revealed that Michael is Jones's son when he can hold the sword.

Liz deduces that Jones needs her alive, as she's the only alien scientist he knows, and Rosa saves them by shooting Jones and bring the police force with her.

Jones escapes, and after killing Deputy Pete, he's able to escape the prison in Maria's mind, bring her to the Crashdown circa March 11, 1969.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Alex: Why would someone target Max?
Ramos: You need me to say it out loud? Fine. The events of the other night had to do with aliens. I think it's time we talk about the Lockhart machine. And how it ties back to the events unfolding since the UFO crash of '47.

Ramos: Something funny, Manes?
Alex: I'm just thinking, I escaped the desert of Afghanistan just to be killed in one outside of Roswell.