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Liz goes into cardiac arrest, but she insists that Heath take her to see Max when she comes to. Meanwhile, Max heals Kyle, and the following day, they see the handprint on Kyle’s stomach.

Max is called to the Lopez farm, where Zeke is found dead. The sheriff forces him to arrest two of the men who work on the farm.

Protests break out in Roswell, spearheaded by Bert and with Greg’s help, as they protest the arrest of the Lopez men. Maria, babysitting Kyle to keep him safe, stay at the Crashdown, and help give out food. Later, Kyle posts the bail for the men in jail, and Michael offers to watch Kyle so Maria can take part in the protests.

Isobel lets Jones out of the cage, where she interrogates him about where he was the day before. She picks up on his aura that he is lying to her, and she sets out to dig into his story.

While on the way back to Roswell, Liz causes the car she and Heath are in to break down.

While at the Lopez farm, Max finds evidence that the men were set up.

Once Liz makes it to Max, she sends Heath away. With Kyle and Michael’s help, the pair realize that the three of them are now tethered due to their handprints. When Max tries to heal Liz, it cause Kyle to get sick.

They go to Jones for help, but before he can heal Max, Isobel tells them that Jones killed Zeke. Jones reveals that in order to gather the strength to heal Max, he had to kill someone to absorb that energy. Eventually, Max allows Jones to heal him, curing both Liz and Kyle as well.

Maria and Rosa travel to the farm, where Jordan and the regime are preparing to burn it down. With Anatsa’s help and the Lopez’s, the stream Jordan admitting to what he was doing and holding the woman at gunpoint, leading to his arrest.

Jones is put back into a pod.

Fearing that Kyle may still be in danger, Maria tracks him to Max’s house, where he has broken in and come face to face with a masked man from the regime.

When Max arrives home, after witnessing an explosion at the caves, he finds Maria unconscious.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Michael: I made myself a promise this morning, Iz. I'm gonna drink less tequila, and I'm gonna take care of the people who matter.
Isobel: Okay. But give me the day, alright? Let me see what I can find out.
Michael: What am I supposed to do?
Isobel: I don't know, Michael. Find someone else to take care of.

I need Max Evans. Take me back to Roswell.

Liz [to Heath]