Searching For Clues - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 9
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Nora destroys a board with equations after slaughtered Jones' clones.

In the present day, Jones goes to a geneticist for help with the equations but kills him after he doesn't help.

Realizing that they need to figure out the science to sever the psychic bond between Max and Jones before Jones does, Liz and Max sent out toward LA to get her notes from her apartment and try to get Heath to help.

Kyle recovers at Deep Sky, and he and Eduardo take a ride out to a barn Eduardo and Jim used to go to. Ramos tells them that he wants to keep Kyle away from the path that Jim traveled down.

Isobel, Gregory, and Maria search for the missing alien Nora was trying to reach. They find an article about a child named Johnny Doe found mute the same day Nora died and set off to a Christian Camp to investigate.

Jones hunts for Heath after finding out he was Liz's lab partner.

Alex continues to work on the Lockhart Machine, which alarms Michael. After he moves to put it away, Nora appears to him as a manifestation from his mind. The two disagree and eventually find a piece of Project Shepard tech inside the machine.

Greg finds Johnny Doe's journal at the camp, as well as pictures of him and a friend. Later, Greg and Maria hook up.

Liz and Max discover that her research has been stolen. They break into Heath's home and realize he'd taken them. They make away with brain scans and other documents from his home.

After discovering Alex hasn't been home in days, Michael goes to Deep Sky, where he and Ramos find Alex on the edge of the building, having been driven mad by the machine. Michael pulls him down, and later, the two work on the machine together and remove the Project Shepard tech.

After finding a clue to a church that Johnny Doe belongs to, Isobel travels there, where she runs into Anatsa, who has a necklace belonging to a JD. Isobel discovers the chain belongs to Dallas, and she sees pictures in his office of him and Heath together.

Liz and Max soon realize that Heath and Dallas are best friends, and Heath is trying to save his life.

Jones tracks down Heath.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Hey, did I sleep through the plan to save my life?


Liz: Whoever gets the science first controls whose body Max stays in.
Michael: Me and Alex are trying to get the Lockhart Machine to work properly so we can retrieve the rest of Theo's equation.
Liz: That would totally give us the advantage.