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Clyde continues to have everyone bending to them, but when Rosa uses her abilities to break free from the tether, Clyde uses a blue flame blast to knock everyone out and escape with Rosa.

Liz gets to Deep Sky to work on activating the brand on Clyde while Michael, Dallas, and Bonnie search for Rosa and Max, and Isobel protect the portal.

Clyde brings Rosa to Shivani, where they take her blood as a means to mine the protein. 

Allie comes into town, and Liz asks for her help in activating the brand.

Isobel shows Max a memory of Nora and Tezca and discovers that only the blue flame can save the planet.

Maria uses her connection with Dallas to tap into her abilities, and she is able to locate Rosa. The three aliens get to the church but are stopped by Clyde, who has taken Rosa's proteins and put the star map back together. Clyde gets away after knocking Michael and Bonnie out, forcing Dallas to stop a beam from falling on them.

Clyde comes to the portal and fights with Max before Liz arrives. Sneaking the brand serum into the fruit, Clyde is unknowingly ingested with it and dies when he tries to enter the portal.

Later, Maria shows Max a vision of the Oasis now.

Michael and Alex get married in the town gazebo and have a reception at the Wild Pony.

Liz intends to propose to Max, but he tells her he must return to the Oasis.

Dallas tells Maria he's going to the Oasis, and the two share a kiss before he goes.

At the portal, Max puts the engagement ring on Liz, says yes, and gives her a turquoise necklace. They promise to marry when he gets back.

Max and Dallas enter the portal as Liz looks on.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Allie: You created a whole branch of science to save someone. I'm guessing you love them deeply.
Liz: Yeah, I do. And that fine line you described between determination and obsession hasn't always been kind to me.

Kyle: What is it about him that allows you to cross the space-time continuum into Theo's upside down?
Maria: Dallas makes me feel safe.
Kyle: Could be something to build on. If he's standing right beside you, maybe you could focus your sight elsewhere.