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Liz is in the lab working, while Shivani is in a new lab, and Michael and Alex are planning their wedding in the pocket dimension.

Liz eventually makes a mist with an accelerant to give Max his powers back, which he takes.

Michael and Alex have a wedding in the dimension that Dallas officiates, but Michael calls it off as he vows not to let Alex die and find a way to make fuel for the console.

Rosa becomes concerned about Liz being in the lab with the alien mist and locks it away.

Isobel takes Max to Tezca, so she can help him learn how to control the blue flame.

Maria brings the console to Deep Sky after being stalked by Shivani and her men. Sonya mentions engaging in deep meditation as a way to get in contact with Alex.

Michael finds tree roots, which will help him to make fuel.

Liz reveals that she forgets things. Later, Max and Isobel decide to enter the dimension.

Clyde shows up in the pocket dimension and takes Bonnie. He injects himself with her blood to rid himself of the brand, but Max and Isobel arrive and capture him.

Liz tries to get to the mist as she struggles with her memory.

Michael is able to make fuel. And Maria, unable to reach Alex, makes contact with Dallas and gets the instructions on how to make the fuel, which gets passed on to Liz.

With the storm rolling in, Clyde informs the group that Theo built the storm to be triggered when Jones's DNA was triggered in the dimension.

The crew reaches the portal, while on Earth, Maria and Sonya are stopped by Shivani, who believes they have the console, which they do not.

Liz, Kyle, and Rosa fuel up the console on the Earth side of the portal, while Michael does the same on his, and the portal opens. With his brand gone, Clyde stands in the way of the opening and reveals that Shivani's serum was able to give him every power that Bonnie ever stole from someone.

He then walks through the portal and strips the fuel from the console closing it.

Tezca appears in the dimension and tells Max to use the blue flame to hold off the storm. Dallas is then able to extract the fuel from the ground, powering the console once again and allowing everyone to pass through the portal. Everyone except Tezca, who succumbs to the storm due to her brand.

Clyde has everyone on their knees as Max and Isobel arrive back on Earth.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Alex: Listen to me, you're letting your emotions get the best of you again. Don't let me die without marrying you.
Michael: My vow is to not let you die, period.

Liz: You are going to master this.
Max: What if I can't? What if next time I kiss you, I lose control?
Liz: No, because Max, you are stronger than you think you are.