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Will almost got killed this week. After Truxton discovered that he had called the Fisher's Island library, he sent his goons after Will. The idea was the make his death look like an accidental drug overdose.

But Donald Bloom didn't successfully kill him, as Will fought him off, shot him in the head in his apartment and then called Kale to take care of the body. Kale knew just who to call to get the job done.

Elsewhere on the episode:

- Will told Katherine that he was pretty much on to the conspiracy: a lot of companies, all of which had at least two members that were in that childhood photo of Tom, Truxton and company, were profting from global events that API investigated. They all likely engineered these events, too.

- That's where the case Will's team has been working on comes in. We discovered this week that Kateb is alive, in the United States and likely a former American student named Jacob Purcell.

- Tana returned to the team, but didn't handle the pressure well. She really needed a drink.

- Miles and Julia briefly held hands. Way to go, guys!

- Will broke things off with Andy and also re-hired Maggie because she's good at her job.

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