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The episode opens with a memorial for Black Lives Matter.

A history segment explains when the All Stars rules came into effect. RuPaul's voiceover teases that new rules will be arriving.

Shea Coulee arrives first into the Werk Room in a gorgeous tropical outfit. Shea explains that she won four challenges, but the finale lipsync against Sasha Velour defeated her.

Miz Cracker is the second queen. Cracker explains that her inner demon tore her down and made her too much of a perfectionist.

Alexis Mateo returns for her third chance. She explains that she's an all-round entertainer and proud mama of Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.

Blair St. Clair walks in with an 80s-inspired jumpsuit. Blair explains that her drag has changed since her first season. In confessional, Alexis thinks Blair will crack under pressure.

Mariah Balenciaga arrives with plenty of confidence and sexiness. Mariah explains that her Snatch Game ruined her chances for the first chance.

India Ferrah from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 comes back to the shock of everyone. She acknowledges that her fight with Mimi Imfurst is what people remember of her. India and Cracker wear the same colour.

Jujubee returns for her third chance. Jujubee wants to win the crown after making the Top 3 twice; she has stepped her game up.

Derrick Berry does a Britney Spears entrance. Derrick acknowledges that she put herself in a Britney box during her first season. In confessional, Derrick says that she doesn't like India due to India's online rants.

Mayhem Miller arrives and acknowledges how her first performance rose then plummeted.

Ongina from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 1 arrives in an elaborate gown. She knows that everything has changed in the decade since first appearing. In confessional, Blair said Ongina is a legend.

RuPaul teases that new rules are coming for a new game. She explains that every queen will get to vote for who they think from the bottom queens who should be eliminated. It's her "Rumocracy."

The first Mini Challenge is the "Reading is Fundamental!" challenge. The first guest judge of the season is Ricky Martin. Ricky reads RuPaul in Spanish; Alexis laughs.

The queens read each to filth. There is a tie for the winners: Jujbee and Blair St. Clair.

For the Main Challenge, the queens have to put on a variety show performance to showcase their talent.

Shea Coulee and Alexis Mateo theorize about what changes have done to the competition, especially the lipsync. India shares with Ongina why she hates Derrick Berry.

Derrick is worried and wants to prove herself; Ongina is concerned since she hasn't competed in a decade. Ongina asks Derrick for the tea. In confessional, Miz Cracker is salivating over the drama.

Derrick and India throw shade at each other at the mirror.

During the Werq The World Main Challenge, Alexis Mateo does a song and dance number. She looks like a tropical showgirl. Shea, on the other hand, does a sexy song and dance number on a stripper pole.

Mayhem Miller sings live and does a dance number. The judges don't look impressed by her routine. Mariah Balenciaga does a political poetry and dance performance; she impresses everyone.

Miz Cracker does a comedy song and dance performance; she causes RuPaul to facecrack when she shablams. Blair St. Clair sings live to a slow and sultry song. Ongina does a dance number to a medley of RuPaul songs.

Derrick Berry does a medley of impersonations, but it doesn't land with the judges or contestants. Jujubee sings an emotional song live. India does a song and dance number.

RuPaul claims that All Stars rules have been suspended. RuPaul will now only select one top winner; that person will vote from who of the bottom queens they want to be eliminated. The other queens will vote in secret as well. The top queen will compete against a lipsync assassin; if they win, they get to eliminate someone, but if the lipsync assassin wins, the other votes will count and determine who gets eliminated.

Shea Coulee, Blair St. Clair, Mariah Balenciaga, and Jujubee are safe. Ricky Martin takes the moment to tell Mariah that her performance was beautiful.

The judges loved Miz Cracker's performance and her glamorous aesthetic. They also loved Alexis Mateo's performance. India discusses when she retired from drag for a few years. They thought her performance was nearly perfect.

The judges wished that Derrick Berry had done a performance that was about her instead of impersonations. For Mayhem's performance, they couldn't hear her words and it didn't live up to her potential. They think Ongina's performance stalled after all the outfit reveals.

India Ferrah is the winner of the week. Derrick Berry and Mayhem Miller are the bottom two of the week.

The queens returned to the Werk Room and discuss the events. Derrick and the other queens are shocked that Ongina didn't end up in the bottom.

India speaks to Derrick to the side. Derrick wants to prove herself and show everyone that she's changed. Mayhem takes the time to campaign to the other queens stating that her drag is more interesting and captivating.

Derrick Berry feels defeated talking to the other queens because she's connected to Britney, but her drag is hers. While talking to India, Mayhem makes an alliance with India to protect each other.

The queens vote in secret in the private makeup room. It's revealed that Jujubee voted for Mayhem. India Ferrah selects her lipstick in secret.

The lipsync assassin is revealed to be Yvie Oddly, the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11.

The lipsync song is "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin. Yvie brings out many outfit and wig reveals; she adds plenty of humor to her movements. India brings out high energy and gymnastic moves. Yvie's acrobatics come out in movements.

Yvie Oddly wins the lipsync. Since India lost, the $10,000 tip moves to the following week. The vote will be determined by the group.

Derrick Barry is the first queen eliminated.

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a Jujubee!


Michelle Visage: I’ll even forgive that one-inch heel you’ve got on your foot.
Alexis Mateo: You gotta love it, goddammit! I stoned it for you!
[They all laugh]