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Heidi feels a bit down coming back from the bottom, but she's ready to rise up and do better.

At the couch, Brita is frustrated that Aiden Zhane didn't up in the bottom when she did. In confessional, Aiden is done with Brita's continued drama and attacks on her. Aiden is going to stand up for herself if it comes to it.

During the next day, RuPaul tells the queens that they're going to play the Snatch Game. All the queens freak out.

Brita is Jennifer Holiday, Jaida Essence Hall will be Cardi B, and Widow Von'Du will be Tina Turner. Widow thinks of doing Ike and Tina; in confessional, Brita thinks it could be a bad situation.

Aiden Zhane will be Patricia Quinn from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Aiden will channel her campy personality. In confessional, Brita isn't impressed.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo joins RuPaul in the walkthrough of the Werk Room. Vanjie is giving advice about her past performance and what to do/not to do.

Heidi N Closet will be Leslie Jones for the Snatch Game. RuPaul thinks she should be someone Southern instead of someone without an accent. Vanjie and RuPaul try to convince her to be Phaedra from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Jan will be Bernadette Peters from Broadway. RuPaul is confused that Jan isn't Kris Jenner since she portrayed the character in her audition tape. Vanjie warns about slipping from her fake accent.

Crystal Methyd will be Poppy. RuPaul wants her to be El DeBarge; Crystal is worried about switching or not performing well. Crystal breaks down over the anxiety and RuPaul gives her a hug.

Vanjie starts flirting with Jackie Cox; Jackie has a boyfriend back home. Jackie Cox will be Lisa Rinna from the Real Housewives.

Gigi Goode will portray the popular female robot Maria. RuPaul is worried that Gigi won't deliver the comedy in a robotic persona. In confessional, Heidi thinks Gigi is taking a big risk.

Dahlia Sin does a cameo as the broccoli for the SNatch Game title.

Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett from Mean Girls are the contestants for Snatch.

Heidi N Closet, Jackie Cox, Jan, Gigi Goode, and Sherry Pie get big laughs. Aiden Zhane fails terribly at the first joke.

Jackie Cox recovers from a joke to get a laugh. Gigi gets a loud laugh from picking up the card and clapping back at RuPaul. Crystal Methyd fails to land a joke. In confessional, Jaida is saying that Crystal Methyd keeps dropping the ball.

Brita keeps using Jennifer Holiday's deep laugh. In confessional, Widow thinks Brita needs to deliver more of the character. Sherry Pie gets a huge laugh from her joke.

Aiden Zhane fails another joke.

Widow Von'Du transforms into Ike Turner. He brings out a piece of cake to land a joke.

Brita bombs a joke. In confessional, Jan thinks that Brita's portrayal of Jennifer Holiday is just a loud version of Brita.

Jackie Cox gets a huge laugh by bringing up Harry Hanlin again and again.

Gigi Goode gets a huge laugh with her robotic tone. She delivers a funny rebuttal to Jackie Cox.

Aiden fails another joke. Sherry Pie gets a big laugh for matching the answer and just putting scribbles on the line.

Crystal Methyd fails a joke. In confessional, Heidi N Closet doesn't think Crystal is going to tell any jokes.

Heidi wasn't impressed by her performance on Snatch Game, but she thinks she did enough to be safe. Widow felt like she was a deer in the headlights. Crystal Methyd doesn't think she did well. In confessional, Gigi Goode thinks Crystal was accurate in her performance, but she wasn't funny.

Aiden is worried that she'll end up in the bottom. She hopes that someone did worse than her so that she'll avoid the bottom.

Widow Von'Du talks about her time being homeless and drinking. In confessional, she talks about being kicked out of the house by her uncle and her rebellious ways of drinking/partying/men.

Gigi thinks they are gender fluid. They talk about their life growing up wanting to wear dresses, how they go back between masculinity and feminity, and the uncertainty of how they define. They explain that their gay uncle introduced them to the world of RuPaul.

The runway category is "Frozen Eleganza."

Heidi N Closet wears a fur number with a large hat, Jackie Cox's outfit is inspired by Elsa's crown, Jaida Essence Hall is an ice goddess with icicles, Jan is a combination of a white walker from Game of Thrones and Elsa, Widow Von'Du is inspired by Titanic, Gigi Goode is dressed as an ice cream driver, Aiden Zhane is inspired by the abominable snowman, Brita is dressed as an iridescent rainbow, and Crystal Methyd is wearing pajamas and is inspired by Mr. Freeze.

Heidi N Closet, Jaida Essence Hall, Jan, and Widow Von'Du are safe.

The judges love Jackie's outfit; it looks like liquid silver. The judges are proud of her for going for every joke, even if the laugh didn't land.

The judges love Gigi's small details, like the pink nose in the look. Her performance as Maria blew them away; RuPaul thinks it was a homerun.

Jonathan Bennett thinks Aiden Zhane's outfit was cute, but Michelle Visage thinks it looks simple. Michelle is unimpressed that Aiden was unprepared for her performance of Patricia Quinn and didn't utilize the British accent.

The judges love Brita's outfit, but they don't buy her performance of Jennifer Holiday. Brita looks back at her low points in the season and not delivering to her reputation.

The judges love Crystal Methyd's outfit on the runway. The judges didn't feel that Crystal delivered in her role as Poppy; RuPaul notes that her fear of Gigi came true for Crystal.

The judges loved Sherry's performance of Katherine Hepburn, but her makeup for the character wasn't great.

During the private judging panel, the judges love Jackie's props for Lisa Rinna, that Gigi Goode delivered an amazing night, they think Aiden didn't deliver during Snatch Game, they think Brita was one-note during her performance, that Crystal didn't deliver any jokes, and that Sherry Pie did an amazing job as Katherine Hepburn.

Gigi Goode wins the challenge. Jackie Cox and Sherry Pie are safe.

Aiden Zhane and Brita end up at the bottom. Crystal Methyd is safe.

The lipsync song is "Let It Go" by Frozen on Broadway. Snow starts coming down on the stage.

Brita brings an energetic performance and does a magic trick to showcase power. Aiden makes it more of a ballad performance, but she keeps it the same flat energy.

Brita wins the lipsync. Aiden apologizes to the judges for being too much in her head, and she screams for her exit line.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Episode 6 Quotes

These b****** have been coming for me from Day One. Honestly, I’m not here for it. So, quiet Aiden isn’t going to be quiet for much longer.

Aiden Zhane

RuPaul Charles, done shook up the building. It’s the m*****-f****** Snatch Game! I’m excited!!!

Widow Von’Du